HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – The Amalfi Coast, Italy }

HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – The Amalfi Coast, Italy }

I should make a disclosure. I got engaged on The Amalfi Coast and it’s one of my favourite places in the world.

This post is unashamedly biased. My love for The Amalfi Coast is such that I would have happily gone back again for my honeymoon (although we in fact went to South Africa … ). So I bring you, a partisan guide to a honeymoon on the The Amalfi Coast.

Honeymoon Inspiration Destination Europe

Where is it? – The Amalfi Coast is about 3/4 of the way down the leg of Italy, on the West coast. It essentially runs from Sorrento to Salerno.

How long’s the journey?From London Gatwick you can fly to nearby Naples in a little under 3 hours.

When to go?Italian Summer, and the hottest months, are Jun-Sept. You would be well advised to avoid The Amalfi Coast in July and August as the winding roads get unbearably packed out with tourists and the temperature soars. April – June and Sept – Oct are ideal in terms of temperature and tourist levels.

What can we do? –  Drive. Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Sorrento, on the far West, is the town that feels most like a package tourist destination. It still has immense charm and some fabulous restaurants and bars. Driving east you will experience exhilarating hairpin cliff-top roads (those with extreme vertigo beware!) and nestling towns and villages climbing up and down the steep rocks. Typical of Italy, the food, drink and warm atmosphere are exceptional. The region is steeped in history with the site of Pompeii still eerily intact and Vesuvius lightly smoking like a teenager behind a bike shed. There is plenty of wealth to be found. The island of Capri is fantastic for people-spotting and there are no shortage of extortionately priced hotels along the coast. This is particularly true in the stunning village of Ravello, where outdoor classical concerts are regularly held. If you want to try your hand at Italian cooking, I’d recommend Mamma Agata. An absolute legend with the kitchen with the best views possible. If all the wealth, refinement and food give you itchy feet there are semi active options including horse-riding farms, watersports and boat trips.

Where should we stay? The Amalfi Coast is a perfect multi-stay destination. In Sorrento, we stayed at the Hotel Belair. A short walk into town, it benefits from parking, amazing views, and a reasonable price point for longer stays. At Positano we stayed at the Miramare, for a treat. What a treat it was. We got engaged here. If you visit, send our love.

Where should we eat / drink ? It’s so hard to go wrong, so I’ll keep the recommendations brief. Ghibli on the beach in Sorrento is popular for great seafood. And we got engaged in the gardens of Al Palazzo so that gets the thumbs up too …

What should we budget? The Amalfi Coast is a destination of multiple budget ranges. You can fly for as little as £80 return if you don’t care who gets you there. On the other hand, if you’re going big budget, places like Hotel Caruso in Ravello can reach over £1,000 / night.

Summary If you like your sessions of lying on the beach to be interspersed with drinking prosecco by the bucketload; cultural pursuits; outstanding food and scenic drives, The Amalfi Coast is your ideal honeymoon destination.

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