The Classic Couple, Wedding Groomswear

HUNTED: { Wedding Groomswear – The Classic Morning Suit }

HUNTED: { Wedding Groomswear – The Classic Morning Suit }

Now let’s all be honest. Yes a wedding is fundamentally about two people who love each other declaring that they plan to love each other forever. Which is wonderfully heartwarming. But it is also all about the Bride. Brides to be / past brides out there … have you ever accidentally found yourself calling it “your day?” – even within earshot of your fiance?!

Occasionally when planning a wedding focus does shift onto the Groom. At no time is this more so than when choosing his attire. The chance is high that the Bride will be in a lovely dress, so it’s best to mark the gravitas of the day with a Groom who’s not in his usually jeans and t-shirt combo (unless you’re having an extremely casual affair).

The classic, formal choice is a Morning Suit. Exhibit A below demonstrates why.

Wedding Attire Men Suit Traditional

Morning suits are easily distinguished from regular suits or tuxedos by their long morning jacket, generally accompanied by stripey trousers; waistcoat and cravat. It is with waistcoat / cravat colour and design plus buttonhole that the opportunity arises to marry the groomswear attire into the themes of the day.

One logistical problem wedding parties often face is the varied geographical locations of key persons like fathers-of-brides, best men and ushers. If that’s true for you, it may be more practical to go with a hire company who have outlets nationwide. Moss Bros have been filling this gap since time immemorial (or at least 1851) with a range of suit hire / purchase options. I particularly like their Ascot range, below.

Groomswear Wedding Moss Bros Hire

And so finally, I will leave you with various images of men in morning suits, because I can, and because I want to. Please enjoy.

Groom Ideas Attire Prince Harry

Make like a royal : here

Groomswear Ideas Smart Formal Classic

Add a tophat and cane : here

Groomswear Wedding Ideas Classic Grey Colour Pink

Get a splash of vibrant colour in with your grey : here

Groom Ideas Smart Blue Suit Formal

Get the Beckham Blues : here

Wedding Ideas Grooms Formal Suits

And finally, emulate Mr theweddinghunter : here

And so we’ve reached the evening of the morning suit hunt.

Is this your suit of choice for your wedding?

Or is it too formal for your tastes?

Your comments and contributions are always welcomed below.


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