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HUNTED : { Wedding Transport : Classic Cars }

HUNTED : { Wedding Transport : Classic Cars }

You’ve woken up on the morning of your wedding, a mixture of nervous anticipation of whether the day will go without hitch and unbridled excitement that it’s your wedding day.

You’ve put on your dress or suit in the company of your nearest and dearest, and tried to be moderate with pre-ceremony drinks.

You look fantastic. You feel on top of the world. You’re ready to go. Now all you’re doing is looking out of the window for the emergence of your wedding car : the sign that all those months of planning are about to roll into action and the “I Do’s” are just moments away. You’re about to get married.

For me, despite the sometimes incomprehensible cost vs time of a wedding car (£300 for a 15 minute journey?!), this is why in the end they’re worth having : because they’re the scene-setter for the ceremony.

If you have classic tastes and want to arrive in style, opt for a vintage vehicle to get you to the church (or non religious building) on time. It will make even more sense if you then need driving on between ceremony and reception – at least you get more mileage for your money this way, and the chance for a glass of champagne with your new husband / wife on the way. Possibly the only moment when it’ll be just you two for the rest of the day.

For some inspiration for classic wedding cars, enjoy the hunt below.

Wedding Transport Ideas Vintage

The Rolls Royce must be right at the top when it comes to classic car options.  You don’t necessarily have to go white though : this burgundy Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, via Cavendish Cars,  still fits the brief perfectly.

Classic Wedding Cars Rolls

If you’re looking for a really classic car, keep going back in time with your vehicle selection. This one via Vintage Wedding Cars for example is a 1954 Silver Wrath Rolls Royce.

Wedding Transport Vintage Vehicles Bentleys Ivory

Equally stylish as the Rolls, with its curved lines and big grill, is the Bentley. This pair of 1950’s era Bentley “R” Types via Premier Carriage, in this case in traditional ivory, are the perfect option for the classic wedding car

Classic Wedding transport Ivory 1920s

There are other slightly more obscure choices for that really classic car. Take for example this convertible 1920s era one-of-a-kind Buick via The Classic & Vintage Car Company.

 Wedding Transport Ideas Classic Studebaker American 1920s

Or this 1927 Studebaker Dictator Sedan, an American make suitable for prohibition era gangsters via Avrils Cars.

Whichever classic car you choose I just have a few final words of advice.

Make sure you can fit bride with dress in.

Make sure you have a back-up plan discussion when booking : I know more than one couple whose wedding car has broken down on the morning.

Make sure you book in good time as the popular vehicles go quickly.

And make sure they’ve stocked it with bubbles for after the ceremony!

Do any of these classic cars catch your eye?

Or have you seen a different make that I’ve not mentioned here?

Your comments and contributions are always welcomed.


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