HUNTED : { Wedding Stationery : Seating Plans }

HUNTED : { Wedding Stationery : Seating Plans } 

An interesting beast, the wedding table plan. I’ve already hunt you inspiration for table name ideas. But how on earth are your guests going to know which table they’re at without a seating plan? Yes they could walk around every single table until they happen upon their namecard (an item I’ve not touched on yet … ) but wouldn’t it be much easier to let them know in advance?

Those of you having a freestyle seating / buffet / afternoon tea option are off the hook on this front. But be warned … there may be considerable commotion as your guests try to avail themselves of the best spot with their favourite people.

Assuming you are having a seating plan, it’s quite possible whoever’s doing your stationery can knock you up something in keeping with the overall theme. Or if you prefer you can do something totally off theme. There’s not rules here.

To get you inspired, some examples are hunted here.

Table Plan Ideas 2012 2013

If you thought seating plans had to be simple, practical things, you were wrong. This is a serious piece of creative artwork by Lucy Ledger designs, helped on its way by the entertaining fish table names. Shrimp-ly marvellous.

Wedding Table Planner 2012 2013

If you thought a seating plan had to show images of tables … also wrong. This example above has quirky circus type print and the guests listed alphabetically with their seat numbers. And very polite instructions to find your seat [ image : here ].

Wedding Table Plans Frames

Also not including images of tables is this retro vibe DIY seating plan. An assortment of photo frames take the place of individual tables, for an overall look that would also be a nice piece of interior decor. [ image : here ]

Table Plan Creative Ideas Weddings

Seating plans – looking increasingly like seating lists – are multimedia beasts. You can just grab a vintage mirror and write on it with a light coloured marker pen (provided you have respectable handwriting). Thanks to the now married friends of myself and my hubby for this marvellous idea … sorry for our outrageous dance moves at your wedding.

Weddings Stationery Seating Plan

The seating plans favoured in the UK are often followed by “place name” cards at the table. i.e. you are assigned a table AND assigned a specific spot at the table. This allows you to seat people next to those they’ll get alone with … or try some crafty matchmaking. Americans favour the escort card approach. This means that before you enter the room you’ll pick up some sort of item that will direct you to your table. Whether you then have a set place on that table is up to the Bride & Groom. Escort cards tend to allow for more creativity. Like in this example above where individual plant tags are  pushed into numbered pots [ image : here ].

Wedding Ideas SeatingOr the total opposite end of the scale from earth simplicity, in which white satin ribbon with cards are suspended from from an enormous spindly tree [ image : here ]

Wedding Seats Chalkboard

Last but by no means least. For those of you who are going freeform, why not pop up a humorous sign to make light of the fact that your guests will be running and kicking to get the best spot in the place [ image : here ]

Digital Wedding Seating Plan

As a final note, it’s safe to say many couples find working out their wedding seating plan a challenge, to say the least. Trying not to offend people. Putting friends together. Working out who you can put next to your odd Uncle. If you could use a little help, there is a digital took via Social Tables that’ll at least save you having a lounge covered in cut-out paper tables and guest names. How I wish I’d found this before.

And so, you should be kickstarted out of a traditional table plan rut.

I’ll come back and add more as and when I find them.

Have you seen any creative seating plans?

And do you favour the US escort card approach or do you think it’s just another item to plan that could be avoided?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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4 thoughts on “HUNTED : { Wedding Stationery : Seating Plans }

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Social Tables!! We are determined to help make seating and the whole wedding/event planning process less stressful and more fun! Plus, be on the lookout for a new version VERY soon 🙂

    Posted by Julia Damon | June 7, 2012, 6:57 pm


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