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HUNTED: { Wedding Jewellery – Pearl Jewellery & Accessories }

HUNTED: { Wedding Jewellery – Pearl Jewellery & Accessories }

The pearl has featured as an ideal wedding gift since thousands of years B.C. It’s traditional symbolic representation of unblemished beauty; purity and innocence may not be something you care for today but there is no denying it is the classic touch to complete a bridal look.

Pearls are weaved into many types of bridal jewellery and accessories, and the variance in colour gives you just a touch of flexibility to complement your look. It’s entirely possible your dress may have pearls on it. Pearls also make a fantastic gift for bridesmaids.

If you’re considering including them in your day, some pearl inspiration is hunted below.

Bridal Jewellery Earrings Pearl Classic

If your outfit is relatively simple, but can take a little more presence than a stud, I loves these graceful pearl drop earrings via  ChezBec. With their reasonable price-point, they could also make a gorgeous bridesmaid gift.

Wedding Accessorires Pearls Bride Necklace

Depending on your dress and its neckline, you may also want to consider a necklace. Smutty jokes about pearl necklaces aside, if you want something that accents without overpowering, a simply beautiful design like this one above via Twinkling Hearts would fit perfectly.

Wedding Jewellery Amazing Unusual Statement Ideas Pearls

On the flipside, if you’re more of a “let’s make a statement” sort of bride, throw demure out the window and go for a show-stopping bespoke collar necklace. The design above via Velvet Eccentric is certainly unique and 100% fabulous.

Bride Bridesmaids Pearls Wedding Jewellery Bridal Haircomb Bridesmaids Pearls Silver

Pearls are also a natural choice when it comes to hair accessorising. These hair combs would be a fantastic choice for bridesmaids, particularly if the Bride’s do has something a little more dramatic in the hair or veil department. Your girls are guaranteed to be pleased with their gift [ via Glitzy Secrets ].

Bride Bridesmaids Pearl Hair Pins Grips

If you’re looking for a more subtle hair accessory, you could opt for multiples of pearl hair pins / grips. They’ll accentuate up-do’s beautifully [ via Aye Do ]

Pearly Jewels Wedding Bride

And finally, if you’re looking for something more dramatic from the pearls in your life / hair then go for a statement hairpiece, like this vintage inspired one from Glitzy Secrets. If you want more ideas for headpieces or tiaras, I’ve created you a whole separate hunt RIGHT HERE. You’re welcome.

Pearls. I’ve completed a hunt without mentioning anything about swine. Dammit!

I’ll come back when some new inspiration appears.

Do you agree pearls are the classic bridal choice? Or do you think it’s an unimaginative choice?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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