HUNTED : { Honeymoon Destination – Tanzania & Zanzibar }

HUNTED : { Honeymoon Destination – Tanzania & Zanzibar }

Honeymoon for some couples is an occassion that has been ear-marked since birth for an extravagant foreign holiday with no holds barred. By now, I have a number of honeymoon ideas for the planning couple, across the rainbow spectrum of budgets. But for today’s hunt, we go back to far-flung epicness with a short guide to destination Tanzania & Zanzibar.

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Where is it? Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. Bordering the Eastern coast, facing the Indian Ocean, it has Kenya to its North and Mozambique to its South amongst others. The official capital is Dodoma, although Dar Es Salaam is the political capital and perhaps better known.

How long’s the journey? The good news is that you can fly directly from London to Dar Es Salaam with some carriers. The flight is a lengthy but by no means unmanageable 10 hours. If you are heading straight on to Zanzibar then you have two options from Dar Es Salaam: flight or ferry. You can enter into considerable debate on forums regarding which is the better option. The ferry is 1.5 – 2 hours, the flight naturally shorter but with the hoopla that comes before it. Both will present problems if you’re arriving late in the evening and may necessitate a night in the city before heading on. If you’re doing safari + beach you’ll want to enlist the help of a tour operator to take you on, quite possibly including another short flight. With the National Parks of Kilimanjaro; Selous and the Serengeti to choose between it’s not surprise that some couples spend the whole time on safari.

When to go? Lying close to the equator, temperatures in Tanzania are high all year round. Jan – March are the hottest months. April – May is the rainy season and probably the time to avoid going. June – October is usually dry again and arguably the best time to visit, whereas November – December brings light rains.

What can we do? Tanzania is an enormous country with immense diversity of geography and activity. The Serengeti lies within Tanzania, as does Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria. This combined with the beach paradise of Zanzibar makes this ideal for a combination safari / beach paradise honeymoon trip. Zanzibar is a spice island some 22 miles offshore. It’s combination of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and bustling, ramshackle little towns make it an idyllic honeymoon destination. As well as sunning yourself on the beach, Zanzibar is also a great destination for diving; exploring nature or getting pampered in a spa.

Where should we stay? Assuming you are opting for a multi-destination honeymoon, you’re going to need multiple places to stay. In Zanzibar, if you’re looking for full-blown luxury there are plenty of 5* resorts. You can either go large-scale, like the Diamonds la Gemma dell’Est, located on the islands North-West shores, or intimate boutique like the excellently rated Matemwe Retreat. If you’re more eco-minded, and not averse to a bit of extra travelling, you could consider spending some time at the UN recognised Chumbe Island Coral Park , who’s aim is to create an eco-tourism model that entirely supports conservation and educational programmes. Or, if you’d like “urban” luxury consider 236 Hurumzi in Zanzibar’s Stone Town, rising against the skyline along with the mosque minarets and hindu temples. When it comes to Safari, again I’d urge you to enlist a tour operator. They’ll probably recommend you spend a night somewhere in relative luxury to acclimatize before braving the rough of the wilderness. Arusha Safari Lodge for example is a good option near Mr Kilimanjaro.

Where should we eat / drink ? You might not be imagining that you’ll be experiencing haute cuisine on this honeymoon, but given how prevalent the tourist industry is, there are many excellent dining experiences to be had. In Zanzibar particularly you’re spoilt for choice. If you want a unique, remote dining experience visit The Rock : literally, a restaurant atop a rock. If you’re desperately craving something more European, LouLou restaurant is a refined, Belgium influenced dine. When it comes to safari … chances are you’ll be dining wherever you’re staying. So just be happy with that.

What should we budget? This is not a budget trip. Flights to Dar Es Salaam alone are going to cost 700GBP each. If you can make this trip for much less than 2,000GBP a head you’re doing well.

Summary Tanzania, and Zanzibar, is an idyllic destination for sun-loving adventurers who like diversity, and nature but still value luxury. Make sure to check what injections you need with your Doctor before you go.

Have you been to Tanzania / Zanzibar? Is there some gem I’ve missed here?

Please feel welcome to add your comments below.


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  1. Great Destination for honeymoon and thanks for the info

    Posted by David | June 18, 2012, 11:30 am


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