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HUNTED : { Wedding Dress – Black Wedding Dress}

HUNTED : { Wedding Dress – Black Wedding Dress}

I’m a fan of Tumblr. For the uninitiated, it’s short-form image based blogging and a top source of global photographic inspiration. It does, however, cause equal measures of bafflement as wonderment when unearthing potential trends that you would not expect to catch on.

Like black wedding dresses.

This hunt was inspired by the circulation of the following image:

Bridal Fashion Black Gown

This Leber Barbara dress looks undeniably amazing – but is it really suitable for nuptials?

There is of course no legal reason why you can’t wear a black dress. It just runs contrary to social norms of the white wedding and accompanying undertones of bridal purity. Choosing a black dress doesn’t mean conversely that you are a bride with a past that could sell volumes. But dependent on the circles you move in it may raise a few eyebrows, and you’ll need to be made of the character that is unaffected by others opinion.

I was interested to discover, digging a little further, that the pictured dress above actually lives in the eveningwear section. So, not strictly a wedding dress then. A Tumblr exaggeration.

So are there any genuine examples out there of brides in black?

Black Bridal Gown RockBlack Bridal Gown Wedding Day

Some, albeit limited. Over in the USA, via La Photographie Nashville is a unique wedding featuring a black wedding dress and bridesmaids in white.

Wedding Dress Ideas Black Bride Short Dress

It seems that rock brides are the majority when it comes to seeking out black dresses – perhaps because the rock style is synonymous with untraditional, edgy dressing and sometime gothic tendencies. Like this bride here. Not only is it black, it’s short with bright shoes. [ image : here ]

Bridal Dress Black Accents

Finding weddings outside the “rock” genre, yet still with a black dress, is a trickier beast. The ever-imaginative Offbeat Bride includes a wedding where the dress, albeit falling short of going full noir, has dark accents.

Real Wedding Black Wedding Dress

Still on the theme of mostly-but-not-quite-entirely black dresses, Green Wedding Shoes have this example with black and gold. Yes it was in keeping with a halloween themed wedding but don’t let that distract you.

So what can I conclude? That presently black wedding dresses are a nascent trend that designers like to showcase and some persons aspire to, but that in truth shades of white still make up 99% of bridalwear.

A black tide may be about to rise though …

Vera Wang Fishtail Dress BlackWedding Dress Vera WangVera Wang Bridal Black Nude

In October 2011 Vera Wang debuted 15 wedding gowns during a bridal show, of which 9 were black. Where the Wang Gang treads, others soon follow. That Wang herself described it as “Tongue-in-cheek” suggests bridal uptake by volume is still likely to be low, but may elevate itself from the domain of alternative or gothic only, nuptials.

Are you a future bride? Would you ever consider black?

Or have you been part of wedding with a bride-in-black and want to showcase a photo here?

Your comments always welcomed below.


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