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HUNTED: { Wedding Accessories – Tiaras & Headbands }

HUNTED: { Wedding Accessories – Tiaras & Headbands }

Brides will come to the process of dressing their day … and themselves … with different mindsets. Some brides will already have a clear idea of the whole concept they want for the day and have considered themes, colours and how to represent this. Other brides will just know that they’re going to get married and muddle their way through all the extra hoopla around the ceremony.

When I got married I had no idea what sort of dress I wanted. I had some idea of what I didn’t want. Oddly what I ended up with fell into the latter camp – I’m forever thankful for a subtly pushy assistant. Once I’d chosen the dress, only then came the question of how to accessorise. And from this juncture, I became aware of how key a statement headband / tiara could be to finish the look – making very sure it was a good fit with the dress.

Now some of you – vintage brides for example – may have already thought about the headpiece before you tried the dress. Either way, as a prospective bride, it is well worth looking through images of brides finished looks and seeing what they’ve done on their heads. They say accessorising is the key, and in my view, a good headpiece or tiara makes all the difference to the overall look.

A few beautiful examples are hunted below for inspiration.

Silver Vintage Wedding Accessories

lf you’re a vintage bride, but of the type that associates vintage with an old-school glamour, you’ll likely want to have a look at some of the fantastic high shine headbands out there made with crystals and pearls. This one above from the very beautiful Jo Barnes Vintage is  good starting point.

Wedding Accessories Headpieces Classic 2012Wedding Headpieces Pearl Swarovski

If you are more the classical princess, have a look at some of the beautiful creations on Claire Ogden Designs‘s site. The one pictured above includes various pearls; Swarovski crystal and a rhinestone sidepiece for added dramatic effect.

Bride Hairband Headband Ideas Wedding

If you’re looking for ideas for how to style a simple, classic bridal look this image via promising new wedding photographer Stuart Lumsden is a perfect demonstration. The bride has a slightly informal low bun, delicate diamante haedband and delicate pearl stud earrings and necklace. Elegantly beautiful.

Headpiece Diamond Bride Forehead

If you’re a fashion forward bride, you can take a different angle with your headband and wear a thin chain over your forehead, as so beautifully demonstrated with this design via Debbie Carlisle Bouquets. This complements a bohemian look well with loose, tousled hair as the photo so appropriately demonstrates.

Bridal Accessories Vintage 2012 2013

If you’re looking for an even more striking look, go for a vintage inspired forehead band that drops gently down your face, and highlight with an up-do. To find your vintage gems, have a look at Connie & Dolly, who also offer a variety of vintage jewellery.

Tiaras and headbands, you are wonderous things.

Brides – would you wear a headpiece? Or do you have something else in mind to top of your look?

Comments are always welcomed below.


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  1. Thank you for featuring my beautiful pieces. Your post is beautiful! x

    Posted by Claire Ogden Designs | February 12, 2012, 4:14 pm


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