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HUNTED : { Wedding Hairstyles – Flowers in the Hair }

HUNTED : { Wedding Hairstyles – Flowers in the Hair }

Wedding hair. For guys something you may not need to give more than 5 minutes thought to (hint : clean is good). For women something you can wait until late in the day to make a final decision on. But, us girls being blessed on average with longer locks than our fellas hair becomes important within the overall look. You want your choice of hairstyle to complement your dress and any theme or styling you may have put in place.

If you’re a laid-back bohemian or beach bride, or you’re having a country wedding or afternoon tea, there are some beautiful ways to style flowers into your hair. You can either buy something to fit the bill or in many cases, ask your florist to give you a few extra blooms.

Some inspiration is hunted for you below. Happy viewing.

Wedding Hairstyles Floral

If your wedding is of the mediterranean ilk, or has a touch of the gypsy (in the nicest sense of the word) a red rose at the side of your hair with loose tresses will look fantastic. Red lipstick and you’re good to go. [ image : Google ]

Bridal Hair Flower White Pink

To immediately demonstrate that a different flower can have a completely different effect, see how the choice of white and dusky pink tones here changes the look to that of a classic English rose, with more subtle make-up effects [ image : here ]

Wedding Hair Vintage Bride

If you’re looking to find a supplier for type of piece, look no further than Etsy. Ever trusty for individual handicrafts, this beautiful peach flower headpiece comes complete with crystal quartz.

Floral Hair Ideas Wedding 2012

And now for a completely different angle … again the basis of the hair is tousled waves, but with a loosely structured band of white hydrangeas in a band that tumbles slightly down the back. [ Hydrangea Crown via Etsy ].

Wedding Hair Inspiration Boho

For the epitomy of boho chic, take an unstructured lace dress and top with a bright band of flowers. If you’re in any doubt if this will work, take a tip from this gorgeous bride above – an example of how this look can also involve hair up [ image : here ].

Bride Flowers Hair White Full

If you were under the impression that a full crown of flowers was passé, take inspiration from this image. The combination of a full crown of white flowers with loose hair and a unique full sleeved vintage dress is just stunning. Ok so it’s a staged shot and the girl is clearly a model, but as inspiration shot it’s a good one. [ image : here ]

Bride Hair Flower Headband

Another version of the floral hair band is the delicate white blooms used here on top of this incredible loose plaited style. I wish I had the skills to tell you how this amazing hair has been done. You’ll just have to print it off and give it to your hairdresser if you want it. I’m off to ask if someone can replicate me her face [ image : VS Magazine ].

Bridal Hairstyle Floral Plaited Fishtail

Another beautiful variation is the plait with flowers poked in. Ok this isn’t a bridal image, but it’s a beautiful shot and could easily be translated into wedding hair [ image : here ].

And so we come to the end of this hunt, with some absolutely beautiful and varied imagery of flowers on and in bridal hair. I hope you’ve found it inspiring.

Do you have a favourite from the styles above?

Or are you considering flowers in your hair, but are worried it won’t suit your styling?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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5 thoughts on “HUNTED : { Wedding Hairstyles – Flowers in the Hair }

  1. I adore the flowers. I have a little shop on Etsy where I sell hair flowers. I think they are fun and feminine. I love your blog, by the way.

    Posted by Let it be Lovely | February 23, 2012, 2:53 am
    • I’m with you on that one – definitely feminine and amazingly versatile. Thanks for the comment and kind words about the blog, and success with your shop – theweddinghunter (Milly)

      Posted by theweddinghunter | February 23, 2012, 6:28 am
  2. Really Goos Post!!

    Fall in love with costume flowers, wedding hair flowers and wedding hair flowers by silk flower wedding.

    Posted by aileen | May 17, 2012, 7:04 am

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