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HUNTED : { Wedding Jewellery : Gold Jewellery }

HUNTED : { Wedding Jewellery : Gold Jewellery }

Sometimes, for some brief moments, I feel sorry for the men in the whole wedding planning process.

It traditionally falls to them to construct a significantly impressive enough proposal to produce a “yes.” This should be accompanied by expensive diamond ring.

The wedding day itself is then largely focused on the bride.

To top it all off, they’re expected to get their beloved a wedding present with some longevity. i.e. expensive.

And then I stop feeling sorry for them, remember that the bride-to-be has probably done 80% of the wedding planning, and that if they’re lucky they’ll get a wedding gift of their own too.

One of the most traditional wedding day gift items to buy is jewellery. I’ve already hunted out some pearl jewellery examples, but if you’re style is a little more midas, here’s a hunt for gift-worthy gold. Whether the gift is from the Groom, or from the Bride to herself is up to you.

Wedding Ideas Gold Jewelley PendantWedding Ideas Jewellery Accessories Bride

If you’re looking for delicate beauty with your gold jewellery, turn to the work of an award winning designer like Astley Clarke, who also houses fantastic international designers online. This 18 carat gold pendant with moonstone would be a perfect choice.

Wedding Jewelley Wishbone Gold BrideWedding Gift Ideas Bride Necklace Jewellery

Also via Astley Clarke, this wishbone gold necklace would make the perfect wedding accessory. Who wouldn’t want a little more luck on their day?

For now, I’ve found your two gold necklaces. Both great gift options. I’ll come back over time to find you more.

Are you planning to give wedding presents?

If so, do you think jewellery is a good choice?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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