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HUNTED: { Wedding Decor – Bunting }

HUNTED: { Wedding Decor – Bunting }

When it comes to wedding decor I am of the impression that this is where many couples panic. Possibly because it’s the most freestyle, creative element.

If you fall into the “panic” category, one possibility is that another of your suppliers – most likely your florist, although possibly the venue you’ve chosen – will include decor as part of their remit. My florist was an absolute gem when it came to sorting wedding centrepieces and trailing flowers around the dining area.

If, however, you’re more of a “DIY” couple, or you are looking for specific decor above and beyond the scope of a florist, then it’s in your loving hands to match the decor to your overall style ideas. Hurrah, then, for magazines, sites like Pinterest and many wedding blogs (like this one, of course!) who can give you some extra inspiration.

Wedding Decorations Afternoon Tea

If your style is vintage, kitsch, or with the jubilant feel of a festival / village fete, bunting is a decor item you may want to consider. Bunting is the flag-like strings of material you see flapping in the wind on festive occasions, and can be manufactured from a multitude of materials, colours, textures. I like the Cath Kidson inspired range by Belle and the Bunting above for a happy vibe.

Wedding Decor Ideas High Tea

The beauty of bunting is its decorative versatility. In this version, festivities go quintessentially British with strawberries and union jack flags. A good choice for an English afternoon tea style wedding. [ image : here ]

DIY Bunting Ideas Weddings White

If your style is ultra pretty, have a look at this lace paper garland as an idea. If you go to Project Wedding they even have a step-by-step DIY guide. Perfect for a white wedding palette.

Country Wedding Decor Bunting

And finally, even if you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you can use bunting to create yourself a fitting wedding sign. It’ll add a little sentimental magic to your decor.

How are you planning to choose wedding decor?

Are you doing it yourself? Or enlisting the help of another?

Will bunting feature in you decor plans?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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