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HUNTED : { Wedding Groomswear – The Regular Suit }

HUNTED : { Wedding Groomswear – The Regular Suit }

I’ve hunted different options for Groomswear already. I’ve looked at the Classic Morning Suit, the Vintage Suit and the Tuxedo. But what has been entirely overlooked to date is the regular suit. I shall make amends immediately.

Choosing a regular suit does not make you a regular guy. Far from it. The multiple permutations of suit, shirt and tie colour plus considerations of bow-tie, braces and buttonhole make it perhaps the most versatile option.

Enjoy a hunt below.

All Saints Groom Suit Dark Suit

If you’re looking for smart tailoring, but consider your style to be more fashion forward than the designs of a traditional tailor, take a look at the tailoring section of All Saints. Keeping a Saville Row influence, their suits have a slightly more urban edge. Black, Grey and Blue shades dominate.

Wedding Inspiration Sweets Festival

I spoke above about the flexibility of the regular suit. If you’re struggling to see what I mean, have a look at this image above by way of example. Not a jot of black or grey to be found here – our man has gone for a very light suit shade, vibrant blue tie and red buttonhole. Perfect for the fun of the fair.

Groom Wear White Suit

Sticking with a light suit, but making it more formal, we have this three-piece number above. The perfect choice for a Summer; outdoor or beach wedding this crisp pin-stripe suit is both smart and fresh. [ image : here ].

Wedding Groom Suit Grey

If formalwear makes you come over in hives, this hipster groom shot shows how to keep the suit, but downplay the starchiness. The look is completed nicely with him clutching the bride’s bouquet [ image : here ].

Wedding Ideas Grooms Brown Casual Suit

Also in pursuit of more relaxed tailoring is this Groom and his Groomsmen above. Brown trousers and tie, braces and a grey waistcoat are a good choice for an Autumnal or rustic country wedding. [ image : Arrow & Apple ].

Wedding Groom Attire

If yours is a wedding with vintage or bohemian styling, one option would be to hunt out a genuine vintage suit. Alternatively if you can’t find the real deal, take inspiration from the Groom above to give your suit that laid back feel. The matching grey three-piece suit has been accompanied by purple shirt and tie combo. As for the brown shoes – not my favourite colour with suits, but it keeps it less formal than black would. [ image : Tumblr ]

Wedding Ideas Groom Dress Suit Grey Beach

And finally, absolute proof that men in suits make cool grooms via this fantastic image from Shine Studios. A simple grey, single-breasted suit with dark skinny type and killer sunglasses (in combination with epic New Zealand beach setting) allow him to effortlessly embrace relaxed formal tailoring. Top marks to the bride too for joining in with the shades.

I’d strongly urge you to visit Shine Studios to view the whole wedding – the images are stunning.

Regular wedding suits, I’ll continue to return to add more inspirational imagery. And it will be a total pleasure to do.

Are you a groom planning your attire – if so, what look at you considering?

Do you think it’s about time as much thought was put into the Grooms outfit as the Brides?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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