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HUNTED: { Wedding Music – Stick it On DIY DJ }

HUNTED: { Wedding Music – Stick it On DIY DJ }

After the romance of the ceremony, the indulgence of the wedding breakfast and the (hopeful) hilarity of the speeches, most weddings continue on to the fun of the party. This is the point where children of all ages slide on their knees across the dance floor, and my husband tends to put a tie round his head and dance like a chicken.

Music is the crucial scene setter for the party, and your choice will be instrumental (excuse bad pun) in dictating atmosphere. Musical possibilities, like every other element of a wedding, are almost boundless. From a cheesy DJ pumping out chart hits through the ages, to a live swing band, to a swinging folk ensemble, it’s a question of finding the tune to suit your do … and the music that will encourage the other guests to get up from their chairs and boogie.

One interesting idea to ultimately encourage audience participation is the “Stick it On” Disco approach.

Wedding DJs Stick It On Ipod

By co-ordinating with the folks at Stick It On  in advance, various guests can take it in turn hosting their very own DJ slots throughout the evening. They can spin everything from vinyl to MP3s, and whatever song list takes their fancy. Suitable for ages 5 – 105 it’s one surefire way of making it a personal party.

What are your plans for music on your wedding day?

Are you going for a live band, a DJ or something else completely?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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