Wedding Guest Attire

HUNTED : { Wedding Guest Attire : Pillbox Fascinators & Hats }

HUNTED : { Wedding Guest Attire : Pillbox Fascinators & Hats }

With May almost upon us, we are creeping into peak wedding season. Couples up and down the country will be fretting feeling incredibly relaxed about last minute arrangements, and eagerly watching the weather forecast. I distinctly remember looking up the long-range 30 day forecast before my wedding day. My then fiance had to tell me to stop being so ridiculous.

My husband and I are of the age (**cough cough 29 + 1**) where our friends are still getting married in their droves. We have no less than seven weddings this year. Wedding guests will be only too aware that you have some minor arrangements of your own to make for every wedding – like getting there, where to stay, and how on earth you’re going to afford seven new outfits, or, make two outfits look like seven different ones and hope no-one notices the repetition.

As a female guest one surefire way to differentiate your outfit everytime is your hair and headgear styling. A well chosen headpiece can transform your look.

In past hunts, I have already found you some options for feather fascinators and hats. This, then, is the turn of the pillbox style of fascinator / hat . Happy viewing.

Wedding Guest Pillbox Hat Inspiration

Firstly, what is a “pillbox” style? As the images below show, it’s the style of women’s hat which essentially has a flat top, and no brim. Historically a version of the hat was used as far back as Roman times, although it was post WWII that they really gained in popularity. Jackie Kennedy is undoubtedly the iconic pillbox hat wearer. [ image : here ].

Wedding Guests Hats Outfits Blue Navy Ideas

Wedding Guests Headwear Pink Hat

The versatility and chic nature of the pillbox fascinator / hat makes it a good choice for wedding guests to add some sense of occasion to your outfit. Taking these designs above via Charlotte Rose for example the you can see how the modern version can really be tailored to your outfit – whether you’re maintaining the blues, or perhaps brightening up a more neutral dress.

Wedding Guest Attire Yellow Grey

Because pillbox style hats and fascinators are available in such a wide range of styles and colours, as a wedding guest, it’s purely a question of finding the one that suits you and your outfit. For a Spring wedding, I love the combination of grey and yellow here, with a pillbox hat via Etsy.

Pillbox Hat Ideas Guest Attire

I rarely stray into the world of celebrity on this site, but if you start looking for pillbox hats, other than the First Lady above, you’re highly likely to come across one Victoria Beckham and her deep blue Royal Wedding attire. [image : here]. Say what you like about her singing skills, but she knows how to put an outfit together and this Philip Treacy pillbox hat is inspired, without being too “look-at-me.”

Wedding Guest Ideas Hats Pillbox Style

Finally, pillbox hats can also go to the extreme, depending how they’re embellished. This mossy coloured version comes complete with velvet floral additions and a 23″ pheasants feather. It’s beautiful, but be wary of straying into the forbidden territory – anything that upstages the bride. [ image : here ].

How is your wedding season shaping up this year? Do you have a multitude of weddings?

And what are you planning to wear to each one?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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