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HUNTED: { Wedding Miscellany – Sweet Tables and Dessert Bars }

HUNTED: { Wedding Miscellany – Sweet Tables and Dessert Bars }

Whatever method you have chosen to plan your wedding – spreadsheets, checklists, wedding planner files – at some point in the list you’ll have noted the item “wedding cake.”

Wedding cake. Three tiers of white iced fruitcake with a poorly constructed Bride & Groom figurine on top, right?


And if you’ve been following my various hunts to this point you’ll know how wrong this presumption is. The modern bride not only has a choice of some extraordinary cake designs to consider, but could also opt for cupcakes ; pop cakes or in the case of today’s hunt, an extravaganza of sweet goodness.

At a wedding the word “bar” doesn’t only need to indicate the place where you get your booze. It can also be used to describe a table area where you have a spread of sweets, cookies, brownies, cakes and any other individual sugary item that will round off dinner.

As ever, to help you on your way I’ve kickstarted a hunt below.

Wedding Sweets Bar Mixed Sweets Pink

If you’re taking the more traditional “sweets” route with your table, consider various glass containers filled with retro candy : flying saucers ; drumsticks ; foam eggs ; chocolate mice. You could try and do a DIY version, but if you wanted to save the headache of gathering together appropriate glasswear you could also turn to a company like Bucks Candelabra Hire who can set it up for you.

Wedding Sweet Table Green Pink

A version for the more vintage styled couple, or those with an afternoon tea leaning, is to have mixed cakes in the colour scheme of your wedding, complete with vintage china for a nice cup of tea. Good lord I love tea and cake. Again, there are suppliers who can take care of all of this for you if baking is not your forte, like the Scotland orientated Sweet Everythings.

Wedding Cakes Multiple Cakes Table

Sticking with the cakier side of dessert tables, if you’ve got a kitsch, home-made feel to your day then instead of having one highly crafted wedding cake, you can have a table covered with a multitude of cake options. You could even get your friends to chip in and help by all baking something – some people do, after all, love to lend a hand. [ image : here ].

Wedding Sweetie Table Inspiration

And finally, a reminder that the skies the limit when it comes to creativity. Just look at this image above. Model aeroplane with raffia sky banner backdrop. Vintage suitcases and wooden posts to create height differences. The most intriguing looking sweet treats. It’s a mini masterpiece. [ image : here ]

Sweet tables, dessert tables, and general tables of deliciousness, that’s one hunt updated.

Do any of these catch your eye?

Or would you rather just stick to a straightforward wedding cake for your day?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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