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HUNTED : { Wedding Groomswear : The Tuxedo }

HUNTED : { Wedding Groomswear : The Tuxedo }

Once again I must reprimand myself for woefully neglecting grooms in this blog. As a final hunt, then, before Christmas and in a spirit of goodwill this is a hunt dedicated to groomswear. What’s more, with the party season upon us, what better angle of hunt than that slickest of formal attire – The Tuxedo.

Jackie Chan starred in a film about a gadget-laden one. James Bond is the epitomy of a Tux wearer (before Daniel Craig came along and added biscuit-suit chic into his repertoire. Or speedo chic which is an entirely different matter). But is it all a bit too smooth and pseudo-FBi for your wedding day?.

The answer is no. And if you won’t believe my words, at least appreciate the imagery.

Groomswear Ideas Formal Tux Black White

This is what men in a good Tux look like. Banish images of an orchestra conductor, replace with this gent above looking dashing in his Tom Ford suit (via Fashion Gossip).

Wedding Tuxedos White Bow Tie

And whilst I am loathe to use imagery from such a turgid film as the most recent Twilight installment to demonstrate anything, Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, certainly pulls off a Tuxedo-with-white-bowtie look splendidly (image via WeHeartIt).

Groomswear Tuxedo Vintage Relaxed

Still not convinced that a Tux isn’t too formal and stuffy? Have a look at the image above via Tumblr – the slightly more relaxed tailoring makes the groom seem positively informal other than the slick hair. This satorial loucheness allows him to concentrate on the important things – like holding his beautiful new wife’s hand.

Wedding Grooms wear Tux Bowtie

Equally, if you’re something of a hipster, the last choice on your list was probably a tuxedo. These gents above, however, show that with a flash of colour in your bowtie and hankerchief, specs and a peaked quiff that you can look cool and in no way resemble a snooker player. [ image : here ]

Groomswear Bridal Party Smart Tuxedo

Of course, if you’re worried that you might look a little stiff, or stand out in your tux, you can make the entire bridal party wear one – including pageboys. (image via Tumblr)

I’ve refrained from a Tuxedo history and etiquette lesson up until now. But if you start searching for Tuxedos yourself and become baffled by pictures of what looks like men in smart suits you’ll reach the same conclusion : the modern Tuxedo does not necessarily mean black jacket, trousers, frilled shirt, black bow-tie and cummerbund. Modern evolution of the term has almost forgotten its heritage as a description purely for the smart jacket.

In essence, though, if your jacket is dark, and with lapel material of contrast to the main body, it is probably a tuxedo. Like so:

Groomswear Ideas Formal Black Tux

Yes, this image via Different Wedding is still of a tuxedo. Eye-opening isn’t it?

Groomswear Buy UK TuxGroomswear Purchase Online Tux Wedding

Even the supplier My Tuxedo has examples with ties. Which makes it officially acceptable.

Groomswear Tuxedo Black Ivory Tailored

I’ve shown you how a flash of colour can make a tuxedo a little less stiff above. If you like it just the way it is – i.e. formal – but you’d also like to add your own twist you can use tie and waistcoat combinations to make your outfit a little more versatile. The matching champagne tie and waistcoat on the “Groom” above (you may be shocked to hear this is not from a real wedding) is a nice alternative to lighten the look. A chiselled jaw and deep tan do help but are in no way essential [ via Joseph Abboud – a rare nod to a US based supplier ].

So that’s it – a plethora of tuxedos. Frankly, my advice remains that if you want to really go wild with your groomswear, that you’re best to base your choice around a more regular suit.

Are you a fan of tuxedos? Or do you think they are too formal for a wedding?

Comments always welcomed below.


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