HUNTED : { Wedding Flowers – Bouquet Preservation }

HUNTED : { Wedding Flowers – Bouquet Preservation }

On the whole I don’t like to talk about what happens after your wedding on this site. It’s like when friends ask you about your return date from holiday – it’s a mood hoover.


There are some things which it’s worth thinking about beforehand that don’t take any shine off the day.

One of those is what to do with your wedding dress which I’ve discussed. Another is what to do with your wedding flowers, which is today’s hot topic. Assuming you’re going for fresh flowers (note : there are other options you could consider here), unless you want to just let them wither and die, then it’s worth looking at preservation.

Wedding Flowers Preserving

In my youth, I pressed the odd flower myself between the pages of a heavy book. So it’s probably something you could do yourself with your wedding flowers. However, if you’d like to be left with something that’s a professional looking artistic keepsake, turn to an expert. Sue Fowler for example is a master flower presser who can fix your flowers to a canvas backing, leaving you with a keepsake that can hang on your walls forever.

Are you considering preserving your bouquet?

Or do you have a different plan up your sleeves?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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One thought on “HUNTED : { Wedding Flowers – Bouquet Preservation }

  1. Check out a modern approach for a timeless keepsake . I have given many of these as gifts and have received rave reviews. Because Loreen works from photos she can produce a painting from a bouquet any where in the world and the bride need not worry about her flowers getting brown or damaged.
    Check out her latest creations and her video! –NEW VIDEO

    Posted by Mary Ann | May 1, 2012, 3:43 am

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