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HUNTED: { Wedding Favours – Bride & Groom Favours }

HUNTED: { Wedding Favours – Bride & Groom Favours }

It’s possible you may feel some pressure to turn your wedding day into some kind of highly themed spectacular extravaganza. If you’re feeling the pressure, but it doesn’t feel like you, then just stop right there. A wedding can be as complex or as simple as you want to make it. As I read from some wise owl:

“A wedding is a party, not a performance … if at the end of the day you ended up married, then everything went perfectly.”

With this backdrop in mind, then, we turn to this hunt for wedding favours. You could spend alot of time crafting highly unique favours fitting into your theme. Or, you could just say, we’re a bride and groom, let’s have bride and groom themed favours.


If you’re in the latter camp, I’ve hunted some ideas out for you below.

Wedding Favour Ideas Black White SImple

First on the list we have bride & groom notelet pads via Pricewise Events – a stockist with a veritable cornucopia of wedding items. They’re simple, they’re wedding appropriate, and because you purchase the bride / groom packs separately they could work for any gender combination of the married couple. They would also come in handy if you were considering some interactive element during dinner – a quiz for example.

Wedding Favour Ideas Black White Edible

If you’re thinking of something less practical and more tasty, give your guests bride and groom decorated cookies. Just don’t ask who is tastier. [ image : Tumblr ]

Bride and Groom favours, I’ve found a couple of ideas. The hunt lives on.

Do these tickle your fancy?

Or do you think couples should get a bit more creative?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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