HUNTED : { Wedding Shoes – Good Value Shoes }

HUNTED : { Wedding Shoes – Good Value Shoes }

Shopping for me is not something I do for pleasure. I love clothes, I love putting together an outfit, but I don’t like rummaging through shopping rails only to discover they don’t have my size, or the constant dressing / undressing. Consequently, I treat my irregular shopping trips like a military mission : specific plans of attack; easily remove clothing and flat shoes.

When it came to wedding dress shopping, although it’s safe to say my excitement level was off the scale, a little part of me was mentally still in “shopping” mode. I had my hitlist of appointments booked. I had my flat shoes on.

Wearing flat shoes to go wedding dress shopping is an error unless you plan to wear them on the day. You’ll end up like me : parading around on your tiptoes to get the best effect, until the shop kindly offers to lend you some heels.

You can save yourself this fuss by mentally thinking about what wedding shoes you’re going to go for early – at least in terms of height. Then you can move onto the pleasure of hunting for them.

I’ve already started a hunt for designer shoes. But what if you’re on a non designer budget – does that mean you need second rate footwear? Absolutely not. And in case of doubt, here lies a hunt for good value wedding shoes to redress the balance.

Bridal Shoes Budget Value White

It seems to be that the best way to find value wedding items is to avoid mentioning the word wedding. When it comes to wedding shoes, a simple search for white high heels might yield you better results than scouring wedding sections. These simple open toe sandals from ASOS, for example, would work perfectly well with more low-key or even tea length dresses.

Wedding Shoes Value Budget

A cost effective way to add some sparkle to your shoes is to customise them. If you have creative tendencies, you could consider doing this yourself. Otherwise, leave it to the professionals. They can embellish your heels with swarovski crystals or other rhinestones to maximise the level of bling without breaking the bank. See Stellar Shoes for a nice example of a dedicted customiser.

Good value shoes, that’s two options hunted already.

I’ll be back over time to update.

But for now, are you drawn more towards simple or sparkles?

And have you found a source of good value footwear?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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