HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – The Champagne Region, France }

HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination –  The Champagne Region, France }

From your engagement through to your wedding day the chances are you’ve popped a few bottles of bubbly already. So why not take your honeymoon to the spiritual home of the bottle for a sozzled, cultural honeymoon? Accommodation in a fairytale chateau optional and entirely possible.

Honeymoon Ideas France

Where is it? – A northern province of France, the Champagne region lies about 100km to the east of Paris. The most well-known city, and the capital of the region, is Reims.

How long’s the journey?Depends how you want to get there. The nearest international airport is in Paris, which is a little over an hours flight time from London. The Champagne region, however, is one you really want to have a car for. Best to either make a road trip of the whole thing (allow c. 2.5 hours from Calais to the region), or catch plane / train then hire yourself a vehicle. However you travel, it’s not going to be a lengthy journey if you’re starting from the UK.

When to go?Enjoying a typical northern hemisphere climate, there are no absolute guarantees of glorious sunshine at any time. The Summer months of May – September are likely the warmest, and you are most likely to find all the champagne houses open for touring during this period. 

What can we do? –  “Quelle Surprise!” – you can drink a lot of champagne. Some 300 million bottles of the stuff are produced from the region annually, so if you are tee-totallers this is not the destination for you. This is the place to visit your old friends Moet (& Chandon); Dom (Perignon) and Piper (Heidsieck) amongst others. There are some 2,000 different producers many of whom offer tours at inexpensive rates, with the hope that you’ll buy some of their produce after. As well as touring and tasting through the region there are also some very picturesque towns, including Reims and the world heritage destination Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims. The French are also renowned Gourmands, so expect to be able to eat likes kings and queens during your stay. It’s entirely possible to day-trip, or multi-trip the region with time spent in Paris if you want to see a little more of France.

Where should we stay? If you are serious about staying in a Chateau and honeymooning like royalty, there are superbly rated options. Look at the Chateau Les Aulnois for example, or the Chateau De La Marjolaine. Also extravagant, but a top notch choice to kick off a honeymoon, is the Relais and Chateau Hotel Royal Champagne.

Where should we eat / drink ? The drink question is easily covered … go champagne hunting. When it comes to eating, if you want to spoil yourself consider Restaurant Le Parc in the renowned Chateau Les Crayeres. Also gaining rave reviews is Le Grand Cerf ; Montchenot. In Reims, for something a little more low key but well rated head for Le Table Anna for traditional cuisine, perfectly prepared.

What should we budget? Whilst getting there may cost very little, France is getting increasingly expensive and somewhere like the Champagne region will come at a cost to stay in style. Chateau Les Crayeres for example starts at £350 / night, so consider your budget carefully.

Summary The perfect honeymoon destination if you love a drop of the pop, appreciate French haute-cuisine, and want a relaxing, indulgent, and mildly cultural trip.


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