HUNTED: { Wedding Stationery – Place Card Ideas }

HUNTED: { Wedding Wedding Stationery – Place Card Ideas }

Incredibly, I am coming to the point where I have hunts for almost every conceivable item of wedding stationery. Save the Date ideas? Check. Seating plans? Check. Wedding Table Name ideas? Check.

I’m sure something else will emerge in the future, and by gads I certainly haven’t covered off every style of invite yet, but until that point let’s just savour this latest hunt.

If you’re going specific with your seating plan, you’ll have allocated each and every place. This can be an extremely wise move to ensure inappropriate people don’t sit together, or to do some covert matchmaking of singles.

As ever you could just fold a piece of card and write on it. Or you could look through some of the inspiration below and see if something more creative takes your fancy.

Place Name Holders Weddings Ideas

For the green fingered couple, or those who just like things a little bit cute and kitsch, you can tuck you table name cards into these mini topiary via Little Wedding Ideas.  Beware the opportunity for your guests to embark on smutty conversations regarding bushes and pruning.

Wedding Card Names Calligraphy

Nature lover more of the animal than mineral ilk? Turn to Etsy for these lovely butterfly shaped place cards. Complete with originally calligraphy, they can perch neatly on your guests wine glass, awaiting their arrival.

Unique Table Name Card Ideas Weddings 2012 2013

If you’re having a beach themed wedding , you might want to consider something like these miniature deck chairs, with the guests names casually lounging on them [ image : here ]

Wedding Stationery DIY crafts sewing

Whilst we’re getting crafts orientated, if you don’t have a specific theme, but want to make something individual for your guests, why not crochet their place names?  You can easily match border and thread to your colour scheme – credit to the lovely bride-to-be Emma for this smart idea and neat needlework.

Wedding Stationery Handmade Japanese

Now let’s pause for a moment to reflect on how much work goes into planning and executing a wedding day. What if I were to tell you I’d found a couple who, on top of that, had lovingly folded 1,000 origami paper cranes to use as place name holders / general Japanese influenced decoration? You’d be as impressed as I am, I’m sure. Hats off. Take a look at the Clumsy Chic blog for more of their gorgeous wedding.

Wedding table names cork

If crafts aren’t your area of expertise, you can keep it ultra simple and stick nicely printed names into corks as per the above. You might need to drink a lot of wine to have enough corks for the job, but I’m sure you can rise to the challenge. [ image : here ]

Red Wedding Favour Heart

And finally, I have for you the opportunity to kill two Wedmin birds with one stone. Print your guests names onto foam stress hearts like the one above and, voila, that’s place names and favours both taken care of. Also via Little Wedding Ideas.

Place card ideas, I’m sure there’s many more of you out there, so I’ll pop back over time.

Have you spotted an idea you’d like to use for your own day?

Or are you just planning to let your guests sit as they please?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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