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HUNTED : { Wedding Accessories – Birdcage Veils }

HUNTED : { Wedding Accessories – Birdcage Veils }

To wear a veil, or not to wear a veil … that is the question.

Before I bring you a wealth of hunted imagery, let me first give you a short history lesson on the veil. A sentence which I’m sure has got you immediately scrolling downwards.

Varied historical rationales are offered for the existence of the veil. The Romans believed the wearing of it warded away the evil spirits that lurked around the aisle, just waiting for the opportunity to snatch away the bride before she reached her husband. Fast forward to medieval times and the veil became popular in Arab culture as a sign of purity. The groom’s removal of it from over her face symbolised the “unwrapping” of the bride for the first time.

These notions of purity and possession may seem hopelessly outdated today. Perhaps as a result my experience of the modern wedding is of a 50 : 50 split between veil : non-veil. Those choosing a long, traditional veil are often under the influence of parents who insist it features in the day.

The long traditional veil is by no means the only veil option. If you like the drama of a headpiece, but want something shorter or more contemporary, you would do well to consider a birdcage veil. Some inspiration for various stylings and stockists are hunted below.

Veil Birdcage Wedding

Birdcage veils are considerably lighter than full veils, generally being created from light netting and held in place with a small clip / hat (image : Tumblr).

I love the “Blusher” style above [ via Birdcage Veil Boutique ] which grazes over your cheek. Something about it creates an understated sexy mystique. Birdcage veils tend to look fantastic in photographs, creating dapples of light and shadow across your face.

Veil Netting Punk Bride Vintage

Another beauty of birdcage veils is their ability to complement a multitude of different styles. The combination of pink hair, red lipstick, and white netting on this bride (via WeHeartIt) is strikingly beautiful.

Wedding Veils Birdcage Lace Bride

If you’re a bride with a vintage disposition, whilst it’s true to say that all birdcage veils give a somewhat retro feel, you can up the ante by going for a supplier who lives and breathes vintage. Not only is this handmade birdcage veil from Victoria Mary Vintage beautiful, but the image has the word Laughter on it. Double thumbs up.

Birdcage veils UK 2012

Finally, one dedicated UK supplier of birdcage veils to look at is Lily Bella. She has an impressive range of gorgeous designs, and the superb images on the site will also help give you ideas on how to style the veils.

Veil Ideas UK Glamorous Wedding

I am particularly in love with this Lily Bella image, which is the epitomy of bridal glamour.

What is your take on the birdcage veil?

Do you think brides should stick to the more traditional full-length veils?

Comments always welcomed below.


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