HUNTED : { Wedding Accessories – Bright Colour Bridal Shoes }

HUNTED : { Wedding Accessories – Bright Colour Bridal Shoes }

This hunt was initiated when I started seeing this particular trend everywhere. It was one of those situations in which you become aware of something, and then seem to see it constantly. Which is apparently called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Or synchronicity. Or coincidence, depending on which philosophy you prescribe to.

The point is, I have seen a high quantity of images of brides wear bright coloured shoes recently. And no, I’m not taking about a daring off-white, or a naughty neutral – these are audacious, unashamed, brights. Pinks. Blues. Yellows. And you know what? I like it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further. A series of bright bridal shoes await you below …

Wedding Shoe Ideas Vibrant

First up and we have bright blue peep-toe sandals. Not only that, but a mid-length dress for extra visibilty. Poor girl, the photographer is clearly having trouble concentrating on anything above ankle (image via Tumblr).

Snakeskin Bridal Shoes

A totally different sort of blue sees this bride in rockier snakeskin heels – via the quite extraordinary MimiBlog.

Wedding Bright Heels Blues

As a highly significant aside, if you’re looking for a vendor of beautiful bright shoes I strongly advise you browse the website of Aruna Seth. Elegant in every shade.

Bridal Shoes Vibrant Colors

This bride has clearly decided that her bridesmaids aren’t going to be the only ladies in red. And good for her. (image via We Heart It).

Dog Wedding Decor

This image technically adds no further shoe inspiration from the one above … but the pug in the bowtie bought its place in the line-up. The idea of animal wedding attire has never crossed my mind before. Then again, I’ve never seen someone’s pet involved in a wedding. Some phrase to do with animals, children and never working with springs to mind … (image via We Heart It)

Wedding Shoes Bright Pink

In this image the bride’s bright pink shoes have successfully brightened up a grey, rainy day. Well, perhaps the very romantic moment helps too. Must give the momentous occasion a little credit. (image via Tumblr)

Bride Shoes Bright Colour

Here we have a vision in bright yellow. Better still, the groom has got in on the act with his vibrant pringle socks. (image via Tumblr).

Bright Bride Shoes

A short hop on the citrus spectrum and we reach a fetching green image. Perfect for the enviro-minded duo. (via the Weddings Place).

Wedding Shoes Converse

Staying green, but proving that brights dont HAVE to be heels . . . this lady has sneaked some green converse under the dress. No it’s not my cup of tea, but I bet she can dance all night without any problems. (image found here)

Bridal Sneakers

… and it seems she’s not the only one at it … this couple have accessorised their yellow converse with a pick-up truck backdrop. Somehow, the overall look is quite charming. (image found here)

So, what are your views?

Do you want to see more brights? Or should brides stick to something white / neutral?

Your comments always welcomed below.


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