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HUNTED : { Bridesmaid Dress – Pink Dresses }

HUNTED : { Bridesmaid Dress – Pink Dresses }

I’ve already treated you to a hunt for a pink inspired wedding palette. But what I’ve neglected is inspiration for how to dress your bridesmaids in pink.

Before I help you with imagery and ideas one note of caution : pink can be tricky on bridesmaids. It is very easy to stray into bubblegum princess territory, or paler shades that wash everybody out. So think carefully and be sure to let the girls try before you buy.

Lecture over, time to enjoy the hunt!

Raspberry Wedding Dress Bridesmaids Vintage

One way to avoid unflattering shades is to pick a vibrant raspberry pink, like in this stunning dress from Phase Eight at House of Fraser above. This particular style would fit well with a vintage / 1950s influenced themed wedding, as well as matching a bride who’s opted for a tea length dress herself.

 Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dress Non Matching

Sticking with the brighter shades of pink, and this wedding day image via Pinterest is a perfect demonstration of mismatching your dresses successfully by using the same fabric and retaining a similarity in dress length.

Bridesmaids Pink Full Length

Now don’t mistake me. I’m not saying pale pink can’t work, I’m just saying you need to be sensitive with it. This photo above, via Pinterest, of bridesmaids in pale pink maxi dresses shows just what a beautiful, romantic choice it can be. That the girls aren’t washed out by the dress colour is helped to some extent by the girls all having glowing tans.

Bridesmaids Dress Ideas Pinks Short

Going paler still, and this is one of the finest examples I’ve seen of bridesmaid dresses that look fantastic on every single girl. The short nude style is youthful and playful but still formal enough to complement the occasion. [ image : Tumblr ]

And so I come to the end of the hunt for now. I’ll come back as more gorgeous pink girls emerge.

Which of these looks works best for you?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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