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HUNTED : { Wedding Miscellany : Wedding Card Box }

HUNTED : { Wedding Miscellany : Wedding Card Box }

Ah the Wedding Miscellany section – for all those random wedding items that you might entirely overlooked.

You’ve probably thought about wedding gifts. You may have even set up a gift list or expressly told your guests not to buy you anything (NB some persons will steadfastly ignore this request). What you may not have considered is that many of your guests will coming bearing cards on the day and you’ll need to determine where to put them – for once the bride will not be toting a large handbag.

The cheap answer is to have an empty table at your reception venue where presents and cards can be stacked. If you want to make more of an event of the cards you receive, however, you can purchase various wedding card boxes. On the face of it this may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, but they do have value. Firstly, it’s quite possible some guests may have included cash or cheques in their cards and the idea of them sitting openly on a table may make them uneasy. Secondly, post wedding you are likely to want to keep the cards and without some sort of storage box you may feel inclined for them to accidentally slip into the bin, which would be a shame.

If you’re on the fence, some examples of wedding card boxes have been hunted below.

Wedding Card Box Etsy

Diving straight into the luxury end of the spectrum, this box stack via Etsy will hold 200 cards and is created using silk, satin and rhinestone.

Wedding Card Guest Box Ideas

Also at the higher end of the price spectrum is a wedding card “wishing well” – the concept being that at the same time as guests deposit their cards, they can make you a wish. This well comes complete with silver pail filled with white roses, via DaisyMay collection.

Wedding Cards Storage Ideas Acrylic

If you’re more modern in style, you might want to consider a design like this acrylic wedding postbox via Wedding Paraphernalia. The transparent walls allow you to have a sneak peak at your growing card collection.

Wedding Cards Guests Storage

If you’re pitching for something at the lower end of the scale, you could consider this simple Italian-chest style card holder made from card and personalised, also via Daisy May collection.

Wedding Card Box Hire

If you want to keep it ultra British and doff your cap to the Royal Mail, you can hire a replica red post box, like this one from the instructively named YourWeddingPostBox. Why would you hire something you may cry? Good question that they’ve covered on the site – this is a secure lockable option (God forbid that your wedding should be accompanied by any individuals with quick hands). Perhaps if you really like postboxes this is the option for you.

Wedding Card Box Self Made

If you’re rather save your pennies and prioritise wedding spend elsewhere, you could always go the DIY Wedding Card Box route. I’m not going to try and give you mis-leading instructions (although hatboxes, fabric and hot glue appear to be the staple requirements) but I am going to direct you to Wedding Bee for various creative examples. Some of the self-made efforts there are very unusual – most certainly “out-of-the-box” (boom boom … no? oh fine, be like that)

So all that remains, then, is for me to give you some inspiration to get those creative, crafty juices flowing.

Wedding Card Box Ideas Craft

Like this elaborate doll’s house option above (via Wedding Window) …

DIY Unusual Wedding Card Box

Or this hollowed out tree stump via Intimate Weddings

DIY Wedding Card Ideas

Or this birdcage decorated with flowers and ribbon via Project Wedding.

Would you splash out on a wedding card box? Or do you think it is an unwarranted extra wedding expense?

Or have you created something original not mentioned here?

Comments always welcomed below.


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