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HUNTED : { Wedding Drinks }

HUNTED : { Wedding Drinks }

This is a very straightforward hunt.

At various points throughout your wedding day you are likely to be providing refreshments for your guests, inclusive of drinks.

Top of the drinks list, you’d probably considered some sort of arrival drink (e.g. bubbles); wine during dinner; bubbles for a toast and access to soft drinks. Because the modern wedding is a smörgåsbord of creative wonderment, however, there are other options available.

Below is an inspiration list of some alternative ideas for wedding drinks.


Wedding Signature Cocktail Ideas Sparkling Iced

A concept that is particularly popular in America is that of the “signature cocktail” – i.e. an unusual arrival cocktail that in some way reflects the couple or the wedding theme. If yours is a warm day wedding, or has some hints of red in it, something like this kir royale prosecco popsicle would be a welcome addition. [ image : here ]

Wedding Inspiration Blue Themed Drinks

If your theme has different colours, just search for cocktail recipes to suit that tone . . . like bright blues . . . [ image : here ]

Wedding Drinks Ideas Alcoholic

… or baby pinks … [ image : here ]

Wedding Cocktails Autumnal Reds 2012 2013

If you don’t want to go so co-ordinated as to match drink colours to your theme, you could consider making them season appropriate. For an Autumn wedding for example, consider a warming berry cocktail to get the reception going [ image : Meg Photo ]

Wedding Drinks Ideas Chocolate Soft Drinks

Don’t forget, drinks doesn’t automatically mean alcoholic. Non drinking guests sometimes get the raw end of the wedding stick. If yours is a Winter wedding, however, and you were to serve these frothy hot chocolates complete with mini donuts, you may find all your guests oddly sober. [ image : here ]

Wedding Drink Summer Lemons Fruit

For your non boozing guests at a Summer wedding, particularly if you’ve got an outdoor / country / rustic vibe, why not make jars of homemade iced lemonade. Refreshingly delicious, and looks beautiful. [ image : here ]

Wedding Signature Drinks Martini Movie Themed

And finally, if you just want an alternative to bubbles that will still be popular with your guests, why not go for a classic Bond-style Martini. An ideal choice if you’re having a day inspired by the movies. It’ll be a license to thrill your guests. Sorry. That was just horrible. [ image : here ]

Bottoms up wedding planners. Bottoms. Up.

Do any of these drinks take your fancy?

Or are you planning to create your own unique signature cocktail?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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