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HUNTED : { Wedding Miscellany – Brilliant Wedding Signs }

I’m not sure if this belongs in Miscellany, Decor, Gifts or Stationery. So let’s pop it in all four.

There a reams of photographs out there of brilliant, romantic, funny and quirky wedding signs. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or buying one for the married couple, some of the best examples are hunted for you below.

Wedding signs 2012

Wedding signs can be functional … but that doesn’t mean they can’t also look good and fit the theme of the day, as this example via Style Me Pretty shows.

Wedding Signs Rustic Romantic

Better yet, be completely honest about your wedding with a heartfelt sign like the above. The heart pinned on the corner is also a nice touch [ image : Tumblr ]

Wedding Signs Chalkboard

Wood is not the only material. Chalkboards are a perfect choice for home-made sign writing – go to town with whatever message takes your fancy. Even just a simple warm welcome [ image : Wedding Chicks ]

Wedding Signs Ideas Blackboards

A chalkboard is also the perfect medium if you want to replicate this very charming idea for describing your love story. Bravo for waiting an entire week for the first kiss . . . [ image : here ]

Wedding Sign Ideas 2012

A popular idea is to have the young attendants announcing the bride’s arrival with a “Here Comes the Bride” sign. This version, via Martha Stewart, has a delightful home-made quality to it.

Happy Wedding Sign Ideas 2012

Or, you could create a sign for your guests to wave during the ceremony, like this absolutely fantastic “Yay” flag idea [ image : Jesi Haack Design ].

Wedding Signs Flags Etsy

These send-off flags seem to be springing up everywhere – like these endearing ones via Etsy. Perhaps nicer than pelting the Bride & Groom with rice?

Wedding Sign Ideas 2012

There are a wide range of examples out there of couples adorning their chair backs. I’m a particular fan of this message above. Would have been appropriate for my own wedding [ image : Pinterest ].

Wedding Sign Ideas 2012

This Mr & Mrs sign via Through the Cottage Door would make a lovely gift for the happy couple.

Wedding Sign Ideas 2012

This rope creation is a clever material for a “Just Hitched” message [ image : Tumblr ].

Wedding Sign IDeas 2012

Now we come to the freestyle section. Messages written in any medium on any item. Just find some fitting words and leave in an appropriate place for your guests to find [ image : Green Wedding Shoes ].

Wedding Signs 2012

Like a carving on rock, sneaked into any wedding nook for your guests to discover. [ image : onewed ]

Wedding Message Ideas 2012 Romantic

Felt wording is entirely appropriate. I love the random joy of this sentence [via Castle Artwork ]

Wedding Decor Wooden Country Rustic

And I can’t help but agree with the sentiment of this sign [ image : here ]

Wedding Signs Words Romantic Decoration

Wording can also integrate itself creatively into your decor, like with this lovely idea for baby quotes attached to a hanging glass bauble. [ image : here ]

Romantic Wedding Sign 2012

And you can’t deny the sentiments of this fairytale wooden sign via those craft folk at Etsy. It’s also the perfect rounding off message … what can possibly follow this?

Here’s to Happily Ever After …

Have you seen any brilliant wedding signs?

Comments always welcomed below …


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