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HUNTED: { Bridesmaid Dress – The Red Bridesmaid Dress }

HUNTED: { Bridesmaid Dress – The Red Bridesmaid Dress }

Ever since 1931 when Coca-Cola decreed it so Christmas, and more specifically Santa, has been firmly associated with the colour red. Red not only symbolises the festive season, but evokes the idea of passion and romance, which is very fitting when it comes to a wedding. It is sometimes considered to be the choice of the extrovert – i.e. – painting the town red – although I’ve known all types of person who’ve chosen it.

Red is certainly a powerful colour. It’s a shade that inspires songs. The Sugababes dubiously claimed to be cooler than their red dresses, and Chris De Burgh most certainly didn’t sing about the lady in taupe. If you’re at the stage where you know you want the colour for your bridesmaids, but you’re still pondering on the styling, here are few options to help you on your way.

Vintage Bridal Dress Red

Diving straight into something a little unusual, the lovely folk at Oh My Honey  have this gorgeous 50’s inspired halterneck number. This dress would work fantastically as part of a vintage wedding with a pin-up vibe, complete with stylised hair and red lips. It wouldn’t make any sense as part of a classic, traditional wedding of course.

Birdesmaid Formal Red Dress Wedding

If your style is ultra-glamorous, and you don’t object to your bridesmaids looking sexy too, go to Dessy for a  full-length one-shoulder charmeuse number. Up-dos and dangly earrings will be your essential accessories.

Bridesmaids Ideas Deep Reds 2012 2013

If you like the glamorous look but want your girls in something shorter, you may want to consider something more in the style of this dress via Alvina Valenta from JLM Couture. The chiffon A Line shape with empire waist is very flattering.

Bridesmaid Red Budget Dress

Red can still be as simple as a smart shift whilst keeping its stand-out. This image comes courtesy of Maids to Measure, who have the added bonus of being a bespoke bridesmaid service.

Good Value Bridesmaid Dress UK

If you want to keep your bridesmaids looking young and fresh, go for a short, sweet dress like this fantastic value one from Dorothy Perkins. But please – if you promise me one thing – be considerate of your girls. If they’re slim and confident it will be amazing. If they’re less body secure they’ll end up dreading the dress. And after all, happy bridesmaids are attentive bridesmaids …

Bridesmaid Dresses Trendy Short

Another great value option is ASOS – I particularly like their lace skater style dress for something young and funky. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to trust to luck with online ordering, but at least it’s simple to return and get another size if needed.

Bridesmaid Dress Whistles Red Vintage Style

And finally, if your wedding is more bohemian, or you admire the style of Florence Welch, go for a fluid silk number with full length sleeves like this one from Whistles. A beautiful belt and you’re good to go.

So there we have it. A few red bridesmaid dresses hunted.

Which is your preferred style? Or have you seen an amazing red dress that isn’t on this list?

Comments always welcomed below.


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