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I remember a time, many moons ago, when I would turn up at my friends houses and ask what they were doing at that very moment, and if the answer was nothing, we’d hang out for a while.

Yes admittedly I’m talking about pre-teen years but what it’s leading to is the fact that everyone now needs to be given at least 6 weeks notice to go and grab a coffee. When did everybody get so flipping busy?

In the world of wedding planning, assuming that you’re intending to have some quantity of guests attend, it’s fundamentally important that you let them know when that day is. The greater advance notice you give, the greater the likelihood they’ll be able to attend particularly if you’re asking people to travel significant distances, or have planned your wedding in the heart of holiday season. There are no hard or fast rules but 6 – 9 months in advance is a good guide for when to send out – unless you’re tactically running them late to try and reduce numbers. Shame on you.

And so to todays hunt : ideas for save the dates. You could of course just phone all your guests to let them know but if your nearest and dearest are anything like mine, that guarantees that someone will forget what date you said. Also, save the dates are an opportunity to get creative and build up some pre-wedding magic.

Happy browsing …

2012 Save the dates

Save the date wedding

Save the date cards do not necessarily have to match the rest of your wedding stationery. It’s entirely at your discretion. As a result this frees you up to consider creative one-off ideas, like this ingenious “tie-the-knot” card idea via Preston Bailey Brides.

Save-the-dates 2012

An oldie but a goodie, take inspiration from this couple and scrawl your save-the-date across your face. If I were a guest at this wedding I’d definitely be looking forward to the big day.

Rustic Save the Dates Image

Still on the photo theme and this couple have come over all country / vintage with their raffia save-the-date bunting. Adorable – except they seem to have omitted the date. Let’s assume this is the front of a card and it’s written inside [ via Tumblr ]

Save-the-date inspiration photos

Top marks for photographic ingenuity has to go to this couple, also found via Tumblr. A little bit of chalk and a lot of imagination can take you far.

An increasingly popular idea to is make a save-the-date video and post it on YouTube. It has the plus point of being inexpensive to do and free to post with the opportunity to really go to town expressing yourself. I suspect the example above wasn’t inexpensive, but it gives you the idea of what you can achieve if you really go for it.

Stationery Weddings Environmentally minded

One of the downsides of wedding stationery is the inevitable waste generated in terms of paper produced and disposed of. If you’re an environmentally conscious couple, and you like cool things, have a look at The Original Wedding Tea Towel.  By printing save-the-dates onto a tea towel you’ll be providing your guests with an item they’ll use and re-use until it’s threadbare (if they’re anything like me with tea towels). Not only will it be a constant exciting wedding reminder, perking up the dullness of dish-drying, but combined with their fantastic artwork options you can be the epitomy of eco-chic.

save-the-date ecard 2012

Finally, another ever-so-modern way to avoid the cost and uncertainties of the postal service is to send save the date ecards. Sites such as Pingg even have cute customisable designs for a nominal sum, and will keep track of all your RSVPs. Is it quite as warming as a video / photo? No. Is it a 100% viable option to avoid extra expense and make life easy? Yes.

Save the date ideas, you have – for now – been hunted. Look forward to returning when new ideas emerge.

What’s the best save-the-date you’ve ever seen?

And do you think and ecard is an acceptable way to let people know?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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