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HUNTED: { Bridesmaid Dress – Blue Dresses }

HUNTED: { Bridesmaid Dress  – Blue Dresses }

When planning your wedding, people are going to ask you sooner or later what your colours and / or theme are. This does not mean you need to pressurise yourself into developing some sort of elaborate never-seen-before scheme. It just means that it’s good to get colours co-ordinated and a sense of focus to your decisions, so the final result doesn’t look like an explosion in a Dulux store.

There’s no reason why you can’t let the colour of your bridesmaid dresses dictate theme. If you spot a beautiful dress in a variant of blue, why not continue with that colour at the heart of everything else around.

To help you with your dress spotting, I’ve hunted the joys of the blues below.

Short Bridesmaid Dresses Royal Blue 2012 2013

One of the most well known provider of Bridesmaid dresses is Dessy. They’re classic, easy-to-wear options. I love this royal blue cocktail dress above. They’re not the most budget friendly option, but they are beautiful.

Bridesmaids Navy White

If you’re wondering what sorts of flowers to put with blue dresses, your choice will be heavily affected by the shade of blue you’ve opted for. White flowers, however, will complement almost any tone. It is particularly effective with the darker blues, as these baby breath bouquets above demonstrate [ image : here ].

Blue Dresses Wedding Bridesmaid Autumn

If you wanted further proof that blue dresses go with almost anything floral, see this image from one of my best friends weddings. She chose seasonal Autumn blooms in bright shades and they worked perfectly against the rich blue dresses (which were incidentally from Coast). See if you can spot me in the line-up . . .

Bridesmaids Long Dresses Blues Green 2012 2013

If you’re looking for something more vintage / bohemian appropriate, have a look at some of the beautiful designs by Belle & Bunty. This full length gown above with floaty sleeves, albeit nudging into the teal category of blues, would be a great choice.

Bridesmaids Ideas Short Dresses Blue Shade

Just because it’s a wedding, doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your usual sense of style and dress everyone in ill-fitting satin. If you’re a young / young-spirited bride and your girls would suit it, go with an on-trend skater style dress like this one via River Island. It’s super good value to boo.

Bridesmaids Inspiration Aqua Baby Blue Short

I’m not one for including images where I think it hasn’t worked. It’s not my style to critique other people’s choices. But light blue is a tricky colour to work with than dark blue. There are a multitude of images of sky blue bridesmaid dresses that I just don’t feel have flattered any of their wearers. If you’re going the light blue route, I’m a fan of the very pale tone of the short images above. The dusky vintage pink bouquets complement it perfectly [ image : here ].

Bridesmaid Dress Young French Designer

Finally, if your bridal party includes flowergirls, I’ve already discussed how these don’t need to be identical versions of the adult dresses. You can simply choose something age appropriate in a shade of blue / with a blue sash in the relevant tone. I love this dress above via Little Eglatine.

Blue bridesmaid dresses you are, for now, hunted.

Which of these colours and styles do you favour?

And what colour bouquet would you pair with a blue dress?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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