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HUNTED : { Wedding Food – Pancakes }

HUNTED : { Wedding Food – Pancakes }

The pancake. The only food product to have an internationally recognised day named after it. Every year as I go through the pancake making ritual (a terrible first attempt, followed by increasingly impressive results, and increased number of flips until one lands on the floor) I find myself asking why I don’t eat them more often. The answer is always because I don’t want to be the size of a house. Still. An extra day per year wouldn’t hurt …

Those of you with upcoming weddings can take my wish and fulfil it by having pancakes at your big day, whatever day of the year it falls on. Think about it – an array of possibilities – as canapes; as dessert; multitudes of flavours and if you’re really creative I’m sure you could fit the toppings in with your colour scheme.

Wedding Food IdeasSo whether it’s savoury

Wedding Eats Ideas Dessert


Wedding Food Chocolate Canapes

Or deliciously chocolatey

Pancakes are the answer.

UK wedding suppliers crepes

What’s more, I’ve even found you a supplier with a vintage ice-cream van that can moonlight as a pancake / waffle van. Don’t say I never give you anything.

Now after looking at pictures of dribbling chocolate and toffee I’m off to dive into a vat of sugar.

Happy pancake eating …


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