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HUNTED: { Wedding Gifts – Traditional Gift Lists }

HUNTED: { Wedding Gifts – Traditional Gift Lists }

Here’s the deal. Your guests are going to buy you wedding gifts whether you ask for them or not. Making half-hearted suggestions about “your presence being gift enough” won’t be enough to deter them, so it’s best to put some thought into what you would like. Alternatively if you are serious about not wanting any gifts word it in stronger terms in your invites – i.e. anyone bringing gifts will be turned away at the ceremony.

The most traditional method for letting your guests know what you’d for modern weddings is to set up a gift list. The benefits are many. You avoid being bought 100 toasters. You avoid gifts that are entirely not your taste, like porcelain animal figurines.  You avoid gifts being brought with guests on the day, necessitating some sort of pick-up logistics you hadn’t accounted for. There are also downsides. Gift lists can be a little generic for those with more personal / eclectic taste. Guests may also feel reluctant to buy you towels. You may be at a stage in your lives together where you already have an established home, in which case, there are many alternative options.

If, pros and cons balanced, a gift list is the right option for you, some gift list providers are hunted for you below. If you’d like something a little more unusual another hunt for you is located here.

Wedding Gifts Online Lists 2012 2013

The Wedding Shop is a possibility for a range of choices, mostly within the homeware spectrum. It has a slightly broader variety of brands than some of the more well used high street gift lists. It’s still a little London-centric, with its origins as an in-store service in Selfridges, but is expanding. Some items have a tendency towards the extemely high end. You can include on the list, for example, a cutlery set for some £10,000 should your wedding guests include some kindly Russian billionaires.

Weddings Gift Ideas Online Stores

Next up, the most untraditional of the traditional gift lists. Not on The High Street prides itself on containing goods and designs from individuals that aren’t bulk replicated in high street stores. Their mixture of homeware, art and garden goods err towards the shabby chic end of the spectrum, but there are also some beautiful individual design pieces that have less of a vintage / kitsch feel. Well worth a look.

Weddings Gifts Amazon Lists

Staying with the online vendors, you may not be aware that the online shopping behemoth Amazon has the facility for creating wedding lists. Brides, keep a close eye on your groom less your discover your wedding list of mostly comprised of a TV, Xbox and Games wishlist.

Traditional wedding lists, that’s you done for the moment. I’m sure everyone is so familiar with the classic high street gift list providers that I need not mention them here.

Have you come across a great gift list provider I’ve not mentioned?

Or had any less fantastic experiences with anyone?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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