Pageboys & Flowergirls

HUNTED : { Wedding Party Attire – Pageboy Outfits }

A task frequently conducted in the early stages of wedding planning is the appointment of wedding party members. Some obviously arise via natural selection – the Mother of the Bride etc. The rest are at your discretion.

I’ve seen every permutation of wedding party under the sun and whilst I say it is at “your discretion” to choose who’s in yours, I know many couples who have felt co-erced into have certain persons involved. This can be particularly true when it comes to young family members. If this is the case with you, I would urge you to consider how much children add to a wedding party. Not only do they tend to look adorable and provide some comedy gold moments, but it’s an opportunity for them to have some adult responsiblity and feel involved (as opposed to bored. As incredible as your day is for you children find large parts of it tedious. It might seem like sacrilege but crayons / computer consoles are advisable.)

Leaping forwards then and assuming you do have children in your wedding party, you’ll need to choose their attire. And to this end, this is a hunt for inspiration for pageboys. You can find flowergirls separately, as it’s unlikely one outfit will fit all.

Things to keep in mind when choosing outfits. You want them to tie in with your overall theme, although they don’t need to be identikits of the adult male outfits. You want to remember that boys will be boys. They will fidget and tug at constricting outfits. They will run around and get them dirty at the soonest available opportunity. They will slide on their knees of the dancefloor.

Alternative pageboy ideas wedding rock theme

If you’re a couple with a relaxed, cool vibe or a slightly indie / rock edge let your boys wear converse trainers. They’ll feel comfortable and still look stylish. Mohican entirely optional. (image : Tumblr)

Pageboy Suit Wedding

Black is of course not the only colour. This applies as equally for the groom as for the wedding party. If your wedding may be in sunshine, or it suits your palette, opt for biscuit and ivory attire like this one from roco.

Wedding attendants outfits boys suits

If you like the biscuit look, but have a less formal vibe, funk it up with some colourful braces and bow ties like this little lad has done so admirably [ image : here ]

royal Wedding pageboy outfits

Of course if you want to go the exact opposite of casual, you can mirror the regency-style outfits favoured by William and Catherine for their royal do. You can source them from the actual royal wedding tailors here via E C Snaith although the price tag may make your eyes water. Sadly, princely behaviour is not a guarantee.

So, a few pageboy outfit ideas hunted.

I’ll return over time as new inspiration is found.

But which style do you prefer? Would you allow your pageboys to wear trainers?

Comments always welcomed below.


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