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HUNTED : { Wedding Food – South American Influenced }

HUNTED : { Wedding Food – South American Influenced } 

Sometimes I like to go a little off-piste and do a wedding hunt just for the personal joy of it. Ideas for South American influenced wedding food is unlikely to be the most popular post on this site, but it makes me happy, so who’s to say it won’t do the same for someone else.

South America is course a continent of immense geographical size and variance. This is somewhat akin to saying this is a hunt for European food. But just sit back, enjoy the diverse mix of exotic flavours and try not to drool.

Wedding Eating Empanadas Lat American Inspired

Empanadas are a type of small stuffed bread / pastry that can contain multiple fillings, although most typically meat or cheese. They’re very popular in Argentina particularly as part of parties or festivals, and could make a great canape or starter [ image : Google Images ].

Wedding Food Ideas Latin American Plantain

Tostones (variably known as Patacones) are twice-fried plantain. Delicious as an accompaniment to mains, they could conceivably also make it into the canapes selection [ image : here ]

Wedding Inspiration Latin American

Although meat is dominant in large parts of South American cuisine, there are also plenty of tasty options for the vegetarians amongst your wedding party. Turning to Chile for inspiration, we have the warming chilean bean stew – the recipe above via Recipe Idea’s Shop adds corn into the mix. Beans of the kidney and black variety are massive parts of South American cuisine with their earthy, filling quality.

Latin American Wedding Food Paraguay

Equally soupy / stewy but with added meat content is Bori Bori, a specialty of Paraguay. Comprised of beef and dumplings, it’s a real winter-weather warmer of a dish [ recipe : here ]

Latin American Wedding Inspiration Drink Brazil

Well this one is not strictly food … but anyone who’s been to Brazil (or a decent cocktail bar) will have tried the delicious and highly potent Caiprinha. Made with cachasa, limes, sugar and ice it could be a nice alternative to a glass of champagne as a post wedding whistle wetter. Beware though – they pack a serious kick [ image : here ].

And so, South American food and drink, I’ve made a start … but now I’m incredibly hungry so will take a breather.

Over to you. What key South American recipes would you like to see added?

Could you image a South American theme to your food? Or is that just too specific for you?

Comments always welcomed below.


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2 thoughts on “HUNTED : { Wedding Food – South American Influenced }

  1. Everything looks really delicious and very unusual. Well hunted! i especially want to give the cocktail a try!


    Posted by Jules Thomas | February 12, 2012, 4:14 pm
    • Thanks Jules. I can highly recommend Caiprinha’s … although in small doses – they are seriously strong! … fantastic for a hot day though. Thanks for taking the time to comment – theweddinghunter (Milly)

      Posted by theweddinghunter | February 13, 2012, 7:46 am

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