HUNTED: { Wedding Flowers – White Hydrangea }

HUNTED: Wedding Flowers { The White Hydrangea }

For the green fingered wedding plotter flowers are a joy and delight. For others, they are a confusing mass of latin names that you need to spend a lot of money on. With this in mind, I have made it my business to try and regularly hunt visuals on various wedding flowers. And keep it Latin free.

This hunt is for white hydrangeas. The flower heads somewhat resemble giant pompoms, but don’t consider that to be a negative. Their size and predominant availability in white means a classic bride can make a bouquet from little more than a few hydrangea heads held together.

Flower Ideas Wedding Hydrangea White

White is absolutely not the only option, but for a classically simple bridal look, it would be my favourite. The bouquet above demonstrates how just a small splash of green, tied with white satin, makes a beautiful bridal bouquet.

Floral Hair Ideas Wedding 2012

Generally, I’d say hydrangeas are the choice for a classic bride. If your style is more bohemian, however, there are still ways to make them work. This unusual hydrangea crown via Etsy for example is a fantastic way to use them in your hair. Completing with flowing auburn locks would be a plus here.

Wedding Decoration Ideas Flowers White

You’re probably thinking to yourself that hydrangeas are effective bouquet flowers, but how are you going to best use them for other decor needs? Easy. Just create a giant table runner from hydrangeas. ok, I’m joking a little, but there’s no denying that the image above is a showstopper. [ via Tumblr ]

Wedding Centrepieces White

If you’re thinking of something a little simpler than that, hydrangeas work well in antique containers … whether it’s a vase like the above, or an urn. This also shows how they look with a splash of colour – in this case red roses [ via Flowers by Valery ]

White Silver wedding flowers

Personally, I’ve got a leaning towards keeping it white and green only if you’re using white hydrangeas, as per the above. But as I’ve said before – that’s my preference. Don’t let that sway you. [ via Country Living ]

Wedding Centrepieces Ideas High Glass White

If you like drama and height in your decor, take inspiration from the image above where the hydrangeas are weaved with white roses, orchids, glass and satin ribbon. That is some serious construction work. [ via Bridal Guide ]

White hydrangeas … I’ll come back to you in time, but for now some inspiration, particularly in terms of decor, is hunted.

Do you like the look?

Or do you think the white and green combination is too dull and would be better for a splash of colour?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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