HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – Costa Rica }

Honeymoon Inspiration Beach Tropical Costa Rica

HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – Costa Rica }

If you’re the far-flung lands, eco-minded adventurer kind of couple, take a leaf out of the book of a few honeymooners I know and head to the temperate climes of Costa Rica …

Where is it? – In the spit of Central American land South of Mexico and North of the main body of South America. It is neighboured by Panama & Nicaragua.

How long’s the journey?To get from London to San Jose Juan Santamaria airport in Costa Rica you’ll have to make a pit-stop in mainland America. New York’s a good option, making total fly-time each way in the region of 14 hours.

When to go?Costa Rica, being a tropical country, takes advantage of 21-27 degrees celsius temperatures year round. January – May is the “dry” season and May – November the “wet” season, and be aware it can rain fairly constantly in some regions during these months. If you venture up into the mountains temperature, as would be expected, drops.

What can we do? –  The translation for the Spanish speaking island – “rich coast” is very appropriate. The country is full of breath-taking sights that will make you feel like you’re having a tropical adventure. In the past, Costa Rica’s biggest exports were coffee and bananas. Whilst these are still significant factors in the economy, tourism is now the primary source of income. Eco-tourism is huge in Costa Rica. If you are eco-minded, long flight aside, you will be interested to know that Costa Rica is considered to be the “greenest” country in the world. It is full of national parks with diverse flora and fauna including big cats, various monkey species and over 700 species of bird. Outside of the abundance of nature, activities are numerous and include water-based ones (surfing, diving);  land-based ones (jungle pony treks, canopy tours, volcano treks, waterfall visits) and relaxation based ones (spas, massages, yoga, lying on the beach). The beaches deserve a special mention. Two thirds of the country is coastline so there is no shortage of spectacular white sand to sit yourself on. One word of warning : if you are a foodie you may be disappointed. Costa Rican cuisine is not the most memorable.

Where should we stay? From grand to earthy your choices are many and varied. For luxury in paradise try The Peace Lodge near La Paz Waterfall. For villas with everything going for them, look at Florblanca and for a once in a lifetime eco-experience look at Lapa Rios.

Where should we eat / drink? I’ve said it already but I’ll say it again. Costa Rica is not a foodie’s paradise. But, if you have a car and a will to hunt for it, you can find some great dining experiences. La Pecora Nera is reputed to be the best Italian in the county. It doesn’t deign to have a website so get the info you can from the TripAdvisor link. Also well rated is Brisas Del Mar in Santa Teresa, particularly for the sunset view. They have a facebook page, which is something for Costa Rican restaurants. In a totally un-traditional vein, if you fancy some excellence Chinese and find yourself in San Jose, try Tin Jo. Yes, they do in fact have a website too. Extraordinary.

What should we budget? The flight will set you back around £700 a head. Accommodation costs vary wildly. You can go super 5* and spend a fortune, or stay somewhere a little more rustic for less than £50 a night.

Summary – An ideal honeymoon destination for the eco-minded, or those inspired by a truly tropical adventure with diverse scenery and an abundance of nature. Just don’t expect culinary wizardry every evening.


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