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HUNTED: { Wedding Flowers – Bright Pink Gerbera }

HUNTED: { Wedding Flowers – Bright Pink Gerbera }

For some unknown reason, some people have a strong adverse reaction to Gerberas. They’re bright, fun, full-headed flowers available all year round, making them an easy choice as a wedding flower in terms of likelihood to be blooming.  What’s not to like.

Gerberas are available in all the technicolour shades of the rainbow, but partly because it’s my favourite of the options and partly because I’ve seen it used so well at friends’ weddings this hunt focuses on the bright pink variety .

Enjoy the inspiration …

Wedding Gerbera Multicolour Bouquet

When it comes to the bridal bouquet bright pink gerberas work very well mixed with other vivid shades, like the oranges and yellows above. It looks like a sunset has leaked onto the bouquet [ image : Google Images ].

As a little aside – it’s completely acceptable to let your choice of floral colours guide the rest of your wedding colour palette. It’s just like basing interior home decor around a sofa / pair of curtains. Which you can.

Bride Bouquet Pink 2012

Proof here that gerberas can comfortably mix with other flowers. The pink has been taken down a notch to something a little more dusky, but the overall effect of the hydrangea / calla lilies / roses and co bouquet is still beautifully vibrant. [ via : Botanica Floral Designs ]

Wedding Flowers Pink Whites Greens Gerbaras

If you wanted to take down the bright pink tones even further you could add whites and greens into the mix for multi-coloured prettiness [ image : here ]

Wedding Hair Ideas Flowers

When it comes to the bridal outfit, whilst this isn’t a bridal shot, it shows that you can tuck a small pink gerbera in your hair and look ready to go [ image : Flickr ]

Buttonholes Ideas 2012

When it comes to buttonholes it couldn’t be easier with a pink gerbera. Take one flowerhead. Insert in buttonhole. Yes as a groom you’ll need to be comfortable wearing vivid pink, but metrosexual man comfortably crossed that sartorial barrier a long time ago [ image : Blossom Florists ].

Wedding decor Gerberas

If you have a lingering concern that bright pink gerberas are too garish, use this decor idea for inspiration of how simply they can be incorporated. Combined with glass and muted stone the look is of a flash of warming colour, not an overkill of hot pink [ via Google Images ]

Rustic Wedding Decor Flowers

Equally simple is this idea to have a garden box running down the middle of the table. Ideal for a country or rustic wedding. The yellows and blues on table complement the pink nicely, and the individual flower on the napkin is another nice touch. [ via : WeHeartIt ]

Pink Gerberas Mason Jars

At least based on searches to this site, I can say that pink and turquoise are going to be popular wedding colours in 2012. In which case, draw inspiration from these beautiful vintage effect pink gerberas in a blue mason jar. Lovely. [ via : Flickr ]

Gerbera Cupcake Ideas

I’m going to feel like a broken record because cupcakes seem to come up within every theme. But of course you can have pink gerberas on a cupcake. You can have everything on a cupcake. You know this by now. [ image : Google ]

Are you taken by the imagery?

Or are you anti gerbera? And if so why?

Comments always welcomed below.


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5 thoughts on “HUNTED: { Wedding Flowers – Bright Pink Gerbera }

  1. Gerberas are the perfect wedding flower. They are great for adding color.

    Posted by Beth | March 7, 2012, 9:37 pm
    • Thanks Beth . . . I went to a wedding that made use of bright pink gerberas, and it was done beautifully. I know some people dislike them, and I’m not totally sure why!
      Thanks for taking time to comment,
      theweddinghunter (Milly)

      Posted by theweddinghunter | March 7, 2012, 10:26 pm


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