HUNTED: { Weddings Gifts – Alternative Gift Lists }

HUNTED: { Weddings Gifts –  Alternative Gift Lists }

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned wedding gifts. People are going to want to get you them, so come prepared.

I’ve already given you an option for a more traditional store based gift list. I haven’t factored yet for this being of no appeal to you. Perhaps you already have a well furnished home. Perhaps you find the concept of your guests purchasing you gifts on top of their other associated expenses distasteful. Whatever the motivation, as with all things wedding, there is always another way.

Below I’ve started some inspiration for alternative wedding gifts that might suit you better as couple.

An increasingly popular “gift” is to ask your guests to contribute to a charitable organisation, paying forward the good karma of the wedding day. This can be achieved simply via charity envelopes on everyone’s place at the wedding breakfast. It can also be done via an online “list” that functionally acts the same as a high street store list would, except with charitable items as opposed to towels to choose from.

Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

The Alternative Wedding List are one such organisation who’ll setup this type of list for you. Rhino conservation is a potential charitable item in case you were wondering if that image was completely gratuitous.

Note of caution on the charity front. It’s an admirable and heart-warming sentiment, but some people don’t like forced charitable requests. Some consider charity as a personal thing they already do and would much prefer to get a physical gift that will last. In anticipation it may be worth still suggesting some physical items you’d like, otherwise it’s open season for your guests.

Honeymoon Wedding Gift

If what you’d really like is some help contributing to your honeymoon, there are ways to make it more pleasant than asking for cards stuffed with cash. The good people at Buy Our Honeymoon have created a site where you can list various honeymoon experiences – dinners out, excursions, pampering – and ask guests to fund those. My advice? If you do this, it’s really lovely to send the purchaser a photo / text of you enjoying the experience – it makes them feel really pleased about their gift.

Alternative Gift List Ideas

Last up. So you’re not charitable, you’ve enough money to sink a ship so honeymoon’s sorted … what now? Why not ask for some really really good booze so you can drown your sorrows due to the wedding being over. I’m clearly being facetious. If you are alcohol connoisseurs this could be just the ticket – setup  a gift list with a reputable vintner like Berry Bros and Rudd and your guests can order you bottles that will improve over time. Just like your marriage.

So, there are some ideas for some non toaster and towel gifts.

Have you seen any other great alternative gift list ideas?

Or have you been the recipient of awful gifts because you didn’t specify what you wanted?

Your comments are always welcomed below.


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