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HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – A Devon Mini-moon }

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HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination –  A Devon Mini-moon }

When you think honeymoon, you may be drawn moth-like to exotic locations such as Bali, The Amalfi Coast  or St Lucia. These are by no stretch the only sorts of conceivable honeymoon, what’s more they may be totally wrong for you. Maybe you’d rather avoid a 15 hour flight. Maybe you want to be a bit more budget mindful. Maybe two weeks off work isn’t practical.

Excellent news, then, for the trending rise of the staycation or mini-moon.  Struggling with the portmanteaus? Staycation is “staying (put)” crossed with a “vacation.” Mini-moon is “mini” crossed with “honeymoon.” Hardly the stuff of Shakespeare but functional in a Brangelina sort of way.

When it comes to the mini-moon the UK is blessed in terms of beautiful regions where you can still feel like you’re spoiling yourself but for a fraction of the price. The Westcountry county of Devon, with its wealth of picturesque villages is one of these regions. Hell, it’s so beautiful, why not stretch it out to a full length staycation.

Where is it? – The county of Devon sits on the south coast of England. Cornwall is it’s westerly neighbour, with Dorset to the east.

How long’s the journey?A train from London Paddington to Exeter St David’s station is around 2.5 hours. West country roads can get quite snarled up so expect a little longer if driving.

When to go?Theoretically, in keeping with English weather patterns, May-Sept will be driest and hottest. Nov – Feb will be coldest. English weather is a fickle beast, however, and drizzle is always just around the corner. Do expect to pay a price premium for accommodation in July / August during school holidays, even if the sun isn’t shining.

What can we do? –  There are a myriad of activities available throughout the beautiful county of Devon. If you want to pamper yourself there are several luxurious (indoor) spa destinations. Devon is famous for the national park of Dartmoor, in the centre of the county. It comes with masses of walking trails where you can see the English countryside at its finest, with wildlife and country pubs a-plenty. Beware the urban legends surrounding large beasts that roam the moors. For outdoorsy types Devon is an ideal destination to engage in country pursuits; horse-riding, kayaking, clay-pigeon shooting etc. There are also some fantastic culinary experiences to be had and, being near the sea, no shortage of good seafood to be found. If you’re renting a cottage whilst your there, there is always the option of lighting the fire, popping a bottle of champagne, and doing absolutely nothing at all.

Where should we stay? Make like a Devon local and rent a cottage for the duration. You can get fantastic low cost cottages, or splash out a little on the back of the savings you’ve made elsewhere. Accommodation such as the stunning Moorland View cottage, pictured, offer specific honeymoon packages with bubbly and truffles to set the right mood.

Where should we eat/drink? Other than making yourself delicious dinners in your cottage? There are plenty of top rated restaurants, as well as delightful country pubs to dine in. Treat yourself with a visit to the restaurant at Gidleigh Park – if only for the fact that many moons ago my Mum used to work there. True story. Tuck into local Devon produce at Jack in the Green. Or get some award winning country house grub at the remotely located, but charmingly named,  Horn of Plenty.

What should we budget? With the expected cost of travel to get there low, you could make this a very low cost trip. A luxury cottage like Moorland View, however, will up your spend a little more – 7 days stay comes at around £1,400, dependent on time of year.

Summary? There’s no need to fly to the end of the world celebrate your nuptials when there’s a wealth of goodness to be found on your doorstep. Weather notwithstanding.


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