HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination – St Lucia }

Caribbean Honeymoon Ideas

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HUNTED: { Honeymoon Destination –  St Lucia }

It’s a grey, wet, windy day outside. What better time, then, to dream of Caribbean honeymoon sunshine on the island of St Lucia?

Where is it? – In the middle of the string of Caribbean islands that arc between Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Martinique lies to the north, St Vincent to the south and Barbados to the South-East.

How long’s the journey?The good news is that you can fly direct from London airports to St Lucia Hewanorra, making flight time between 8 and 9 hours. This makes flight costs start from just over £500 return – a not unreasonable sum.

When to go? – Typical of the Caribbean, St Lucia enjoys a warm climate all year round, with temperatures between 23 – 29 Celcius. December through April is high season and the driest time of year. June through September is the wet season and with heavy flooding possible may not be an advisable time to visit.

What can we do? –  Advocates of St Lucia would advise you to expect stunning scenery, tropical jungles, lush forests, mineral springs and beaches of pure white sand – the most popular of these being Anse Chastanet. With just 160,000 island inhabitants it’s not a large country, but the native St Lucian population are considered a hospitable bunch. Being an island, there are plenty of watersport activities available: diving, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, sailing etc. Whale watching and turtle watching are also possible – the giant leatherback turtles come ashore from March to September. If you’re something of a David Attenbourough you can also hire a guide and hike through the jungles where you’ll see waterfalls and tropical flora and fauna. The west coast is home to the island’s striking twin peaks of the Piton Mountains. The island also has many “zen” practitioners who can help you revive body and spirit.

Where should we stay? – St Lucia is well geared for honeymooners with plenty of resort destinations to choose from. Some of the better rated include Fond Doux Holiday Plantations – a colonial plantation set amongst the world heritage site of Soufriere ; Anse Chastanet which claims to commit to being environmentally conscious and Ti Kaye , a collection of cottages nestled into the undergrowth.

Where should we eat / drink? With so many of St Lucia’s accommodation options including meals you may eat in your hotel some evenings. If you do want to explore local restaurants there are plenty of good ones to choose from, including the Dasheene restaurant at the Ladera resort for breathtaking views; the tiny Coal Pot Restaurant for light lunches; and Rainforest Hideaway for fine dining. In terms of drink, you’ll no doubt find yourself enjoying rum in its many varieties. Tap water is also considered safe to drink, although may taste a little different your usual variety.

What should we budget? The possibility of all-inclusive means St Lucia doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As a little as £500 will get you a weeks stay somewhere. Of course you can pay an awful lot more than this if you want to.

Summary? A Caribbean island delight combining sunshine with great scenery. Culturally it’s not the no 1 choice and there is a rainy season to beware of, but these factors aside, if you want  a combination of beach, good food and a little adventure St Lucia is a fine choice.


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