Pageboys & Flowergirls

HUNTED : { Wedding Party Attire – Flowergirl Outfits }

I have initiated recently a hunt for Pageboy outfits, so it seems only just and fair to also have an inspiration piece rolling for Flowergirls.

First up though – how old should a flowergirl be? And at what stage do they migrate to “bridesmaid” status? Unsurprisingly there’s no rigid ruling, but 4-8 is generally considered to be a reasonable band for flowergirls. I actually had a 2.5 year old flowergirl as she had the temperament of an angel, but she did need a bit of guidance. Much past 8 years old and they should graduate to junior bridesmaid status, wearing a dress that is more similar to an adult bridesmaids than a flowergirl.

When it comes to dressing flowergirls you have considerable creative license because they look so enchanting in any sort of dress. You can tie them in just very loosely with your colour scheme and put them in something bears almost no relation to the adult dresses. You can have fun, find something that is comfortable for them and makes them feel special. Some inspiration is hunted for you below.

Wedding Young Bridesmaid Peach Floral Classic

One lady I’ve mentioned before for the absolute in classic flowergirl dresses is Nicki MacFarlane. They’re not at the cheap end of the spectrum, but the materials and designs combine to create a high-class whilst still suitably youthful look. These are exceptional dresses.

Wedding Ideas Flowergirl Dresses princess

I absolutely adore this tutu via Tutu & Twirl. It’s the stuff of mini-princess / ballerina dreams, and they make them in a broad range of colours. Part of me wishes I’d found these before my nuptials.

Weddings junior bridesmaids tutu fairy wings

If you are opting for tutus, you could just go the whole hog and add fairy wings to make them into beautiful woodland nymphs. A crown of ivy around loose hair finishes the look to perfection, and I am in love with this image above [ credit : here ].

Wedding Young Bridesmaid Gold Dress Cream

If you’re a little more budget-conscious, my best of the UK High-Street award has to go to BHS. I actually had the flowergirl dress above for my wedding – a great price point given the quality of the material and design. The swishy skirt looked beautiful on and the girls didn’t fidget uncomfortably in them all, which is half the battle. Interestingly, BHS classify their ranges as “baby, child and teen bridesmaids.” Not a mention of the word flowergirl.

Flowergirl Ideas White Dress Flowers 2012 2013

And finally, whatever type of dress you go for, consider how gorgeous flowergirls look with flowers in their hair. You can go for a really big hairband here with trailing ribbon as per the beautiful shot [ image : here ].

I’ll return to add more ideas over time to this hunt.

But for now, which style do you favour?

And how old do you think is too old for a flowergirl?

Comments always welcomed below.


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