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HUNTED: { Wedding Flowers – Burnt Orange Calla Lilies }

When I first started this hunt, Autumn season was drawing close. Leaves were falling from the trees, evenings getting darker, and the air crisper.

Autumn is a fantastic month to get married, given that it is that this is the season of plenty. With the temperature cooling, appropriate colours only get hotter. One shade that screams Autumn is a fiery burnt orange. If you’re thinking of incorporating this into your theme you will be pleased to know that that most elegant of flowers, the calla lily, is available in stunning burnt orange hues, like the bouquet below

Wedding Flowers Calla Lilies orange

[image : Google images]

Be warned – the colour is powerful and can make a photo pop but should be used intelligently. Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses and burnt orange flowers? Perhaps not. There’s a fine line between fabulous Autumn and unfortunate oompa-loompah.

Orange Calla Liles Wedding Decorations

With orange overload in mind, keep your table decorations low key. Calla lilies look beautiful twisted in a glass vase, as demonstrated above [ image : here ]

Wedding Ideas Flowers Calla Lily Decor

If you feel really passionately about the flower it’s quite possible to get creative with its thematic inclusion in your day. Like making it into dessert form like this lady from Tumblr has done. The intricate design is quite ingenious.

Would you consider a fiery orange flower?

Comments always welcomed below.


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