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Every wedding should be a fantastic day. All the ingredients are there : a significant event, a room full of your nearest and dearest and a little touch of something to drink. But, if you want to provide extra entertainment for your guests for added party feel, there are plenty of options out there.

Most couples will consider music for the evening, but there are a multitude of additional options out there.

One item I’ve seen that is always immensely popular is the photobooth. The posed shots taken within the booth, often in passport format and sometimes with fancy dress and ambient lighting, are something your professional photographer is unlikely to be willing to snap. It’s perhaps outside the realms of their professional integrity. But, as the evening goes on and guests get ever more merry some comic gold can appear from photobooth imagery.

Dreambooth Wedding Ideas Fun Guests

These examples above from Dreambooth are perhaps still at the sober end of the scale. I’ve also seen couples have a large photo album on hand so guests can stick their images in with messages for the bride and groom as a memento of the day.

Wedding Evening Ideas Personalised Booth Photos Fancy Dress

The Dreambooth team can also graphic wrap your booth with a personalised message if you so wish, although the best content really comes from that which occurs inside the booth.

Have you been to a wedding with a photobooth?

Did you think it was a success?

Comments always welcomed below.


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