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HUNTED: { Wedding Cakes – Cake Topper Ideas }

HUNTED: { Wedding Cakes – Cake Topper Ideas }

When it comes to planning your wedding, there may be many elements you’d given some thought to before you were even engaged. Like church vs civil ceremony. Or big party vs intimate gathering. You will discover, however, that wedding planning is also a minefield of various items that had never previously crossed your consciousness. Further still, you will be astonished how passionate you will become about things that had never even blipped on your radar before – such as whether to have chair covers or not.

Cake toppers, for theweddinghunter, fall within this sphere. Stereotypically a cake topper is a cheesy figurine of a white bride and groom plonked unceremoniously onto the top of your cake looking, dare I say, tacky.

My stereotype has, however, been ameliorated to some extent via the discovery of more unusual ideas for cake toppers.

Wedding Cake Toppers Inspiration

The supplier Global Cake Toppers  seem to cater for every combination of age, location, ethnicity and gender of marrying couple. They even factor in for pregnant brides. I particularly like the alpine couple above – the individual touch at least gives some sense of personality.

Cake Topper Inspiration Wierd Ideas Couple

In the image above via Tumblr the couple have strategically placed two polaroids of themselves on top of their cake. Top marks for creativity with an additional mention necessary for the purple M&M based cake.

Cake Ideas Computer Geeks Unconventional

Also via Tumblr, comes this cake for retro computer nerds. Here we enter a new realm of cake-topper – those which are incorporated by the cake maker into the design. So Mr & Mrs Pacman may not be to everyone’s taste, but it at least gives something to chew on (or chomp on as the case may be in Pac-World)

Cake Topper Ideas 2012

Cake toppers don’t need to feature figurines at all – this message cake topper via Style Me Pretty is both original and romantic.

Fete Wedding Cake Ideas Flags Kitsch

This design brings a village fete atmosphere to the top of your cake, with miniature string of bunting. Ingenious. [ image : here ]

Cake Toppers Wedding Birds

Or, if you are going to have figurines, there’s nothing to say they need to be human ones. So long as the items aren’t so heavy that they create a hole in the cake, anything can go on top, as these owl cake toppers via My Owl Barn demonstrate.

Cake Toppers – a tricky item to hunt. Will keep my eye out for continued inspiration.

How do you view cake toppers? Cheesy? Or an opportunity to get creative?

Comments always welcomed below.


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2 thoughts on “HUNTED: { Wedding Cakes – Cake Topper Ideas }

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    Posted by Brina | December 22, 2011, 7:33 pm
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