HUNTED : { Wedding Stationery – Wedding Table Name Ideas }

HUNTED : { Wedding Stationery – Wedding Table Name Ideas }

If you are having a sit down dinner, you’ll likely be entering the tricky territory of putting together a seating plan. Who can you put next to your very awkward Uncle? How far can you keep ex’s away from each other? And, if you’re doing a seating plan, you’ll have to find a way to let guests know where you’ve put them which means a table plan and place cards. To stop them wandering randomly table to table you will also need to at least number your tables or, in line with modern tradition, give the tables individual names that are personal to you.

For some reason, table name ideas quite often falls to the groom – along with Honeymoon planning and Transport arranging. There’s no reason why this should be the case. Perhaps because it’s a simple self-contained job that can’t fundamentally ruin anything. Sorry grooms.

There are no rules when choosing table names. The more personal you can make it the better – are your jobs / hobbies / romance / wedding theme characterised by anything in particular?

If you’re really stuck I’ve got 10 ideas for table names below to kick-start the grey matter.

Inspiration Wedding Table Names

Quotes & Lyrics.

Whether you’re literary buffs, music lovers, or film fans, use quotes or lyrics as table names (image : Ed Clayton Blog).

Wedding Table Inspiration Location Places


Be it places you’ve lived, holidays you’ve been on, or venues of significance to you both, destination table names are enormously popular. (image : Wedding By Color)

Wedding Table Name Inspiration

The Natural World

Mother Nature, source of boundless inspiration. Favourite dishes for foodies, herbs & flowers for gardeners, types of rocks for geologists, fishes for marine biologists. The list goes on.  (image : Always Andri Wedding Design )

Inspiration Tables Wedding People


Do you share a category of hero? Do you love footballers / chefs / nobel peace prize winners / Prime Ministers / Greek Gods? Why not doff your cap to them and name your tables in their honour. (image : theweddingcommunityblog)

Table Name Inspiration Wedding Passions

Little Loves

Table names need not be a thing of grandeur and epic quality. If you love penny sweets, name your tables after them. Ditto types of ice-cream ; TV programmes ; types of sandwich ; scents ; champagne makes … Julie Andrews sung about a few of her favourite things, you can put them on a table name. ( image : Seventh Moon Wedding Design )

Wedding Inspiration Table Names Music Jobs


Take what you do in your spare time as your inspiration. Part-time musicians? Name each table after an instrument. Amateur Photographers? Name each table after famous ‘togs, or camera makes. Auto nuts? Go for types of car. Music buff? Go for band names. Computer nerds? Game characters. Only an inadvisable choice if you have a dubious hobby, or one you wouldn’t want your Grandma knowing about. (image : )

Wedding Table Name Inspiration Bizarre Offbeat


Creative types, don’t feel the need to be constrained by categories or card. Go wild. Spell words with scrabble. Use colours, symbols, imagery or objects. Just don’t make it so obscure that your guests have no idea where to sit – unless that’s part of the fun. (image : one wed )

Inspiration Wedding table Name Reindeer


Tie names in with your theme. Winter wedding? Go for Carols / Reindeer names. Roses heavily featured? Have rose names. (image : Tigon Crafts )

Wedding Ideas Table Names Unusual Emotional


Whether it’s love written in different languages, or emotive words that express your views about marriage (Trust, Faith etc) ; go sentimental with your names. (image : My Fashion Cents )

Wedding Table Inspiration Unusual NumbersWedding Table Inspiration Unusual Numbers CorkWedding Inspiration Numbers LampWedding Inspiration Table Name Number Vintage

Wedding Numbers gone Wild

Finally, if nothing is floating your boat and you want to stick with numbers, why not let your creative brain explode. There is no law stating the number must be displayed as a piece of card in a silver stand. Use personalised wine bottle labels;  chalkboards ; Design your own laser cut numbers ; wrap vases with numbers ; make the number out of foliage ; write it on pebbles, or CDs, or use playing cards. Whoever thought numbers were traditional just wasn’t thinking hard enough.

Wedding Table Names – hunted.

Do you plan to use unusual table names?

And is there any of these you would pick?

Comments welcomed below.


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