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HUNTED: { Wedding Accessories – Bridal Gloves }

HUNTED: { Wedding Accessories – Bridal Gloves }

Once again , I find myself under the influence of persons whose searches are directed to this site.

Bridal gloves. It wasn’t so long ago I was planning my own wedding and they at no pointed crossed my radar. When I came across a search for “fingerless bridal gloves” directed here, then, I went to examine the issue.

Bridal gloves are considered by those in the know to be formal wedding attire. As a guide, the longer the glove, the more formal the look. These days gloves are very much optional and more of a fashion statement than a traditional necessity. Be wary – gloves can dramatically alter a look and that includes for the worse as well as the better. Outside of vintage / stylised looks they’re not hugely in fashion right now either, but don’t let current trends be the dictator of your day.

Your considerations for gloves will be what length – and as a guide, the longer the sleeve on your dress, the shorter the glove – and what style / material. To help out, some bridal glove inspiration is hunted here based on the three key glove lengths.

Wedding Glove Accessories Lace

If your dress has a sleeve, you may want to consider a shorter glove. The lace example above via Sasso Bridal Accessories is also fingerless – mighty handy as a bride when it comes to putting your wedding ring on.

Wedding Gloves White

Also available are these single finger types, which also keep your ring finger conveniently free (image via Google images)

Wedding Gloves White Fingerless

Of the gloves I’ve seen these absolutely fingerless ones, via Tumblr, are perhaps my favourites. Whether they’d suffer from wrinkle, bunching around your wrists in the same way that tights do I can’t say. I’m sure the designer has thought of that already.

Oscar De La Renta Wedding

If you’re searching for inspiration for the completed look it’s not easy to find, but Oscar de la Renta can’t be far wrong (image via Google Images)

Bridal glove short leatherBridal Glove Vintage Wedding Lace Bow

Short gloves are perhaps the most diverse when it comes to styling – super short and leather and you’ve got a rock glove (as seen on Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride) ; crochet with a bow and you’ve finished off a vintage look (as seen on We Heart It).

Wedding Gloves Rock Black Lace

White is not the only colour, as these black numbers also via Cornelia James prove. Perfect if you’re having a rock wedding.

Wedding Glove Gauntlet Fingerless Lace WhiteBridal Glove 3/4 length LaceBridal Glove 3/4 Length White Satin

Moving up a glove length to a 3/4 sleeve. This fingerless style has one loop of fabric around the middle finger and is extremely popular in bridal glovewear due to its distinctive, chic elegance. Available in a variety of colours, styles and materials the left option is also via Sasso Bridal Accessories.

Bridal Gloves full length whiteBridal Gloves Full Length Satin White

If elbow length is still too short, you can go full opera length and choose a glove that ends above the elbow. The advice would only be to go this length if your dress is strapless. But whilst you’re having a full glove, if you really want to make a statement, head to Cornelia James for these dramatic ostrich trim numbers.

So there you have three lengths of bridal glove and some visual inspiration.

But would you consider a glove for your wedding day?

And if so, what length would you go for?

Comments welcomed below.


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