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HUNTED: { Wedding Food – Scandanavian Canapes }

HUNTED: { Wedding Food – Scandanavian Canapes }

I’ve just finished reading the third book in the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Whilst my husband breathes a sigh of relief that he will no longer have a wife who stays up ’til 4am book in hand, I’m feeling the sad void of having finished an absolutely epic read. I know I’m a bit late to the party with the series, but in event of any of you not having discovered them either I urge you to go read. The pace and depth of plot is breathtaking and the eponymous Lisbeth Salander (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), despite being a complete social oddity, became so real to me that I too wanted to protect her from all the bad she’d suffered.

Anyway. This isn’t a book review site. This is a wedding hunting site.

In honour of the tragically deceased Mr Larsson and his fabulous literary skills, todays wedding hunt is for Swedish / Scanadanavian canapes. Yes it’s pretty specific. You probably won’t have been considering them unless there’s a Scandanavian in your wedding party. But couples merrily have Asian influenced food without a hint of Asian genealogy, so why ever not.

scandanavian wedding canape ideas

There are two types of food which dominate when it comes to Scandanavian canapes : seafood and open sandwiches. An open sandwich is basically a piece of bread with filling on top and their bitesize nature and ability for various toppings make them ideal canapes. Initiating the seafood theme, a classic Scandanavian salmon on granary / rye bread (pictured here with avocado) is one excellent option. Roast beef / egg & prawns are other options with a Scandanavian flavour.

wedding canapes savoury scandanavian

Hopping now from fish to meat. For anyone who’s braved a weekend trip to Ikea, you’ll know they’re as famous for their meatballs as their flatpack furniture. Meatballs in tomato sauce on skewers are an immensely popular canape choice (not with vegetarians though).

wedding canapes swedish savoury

It would be remiss of me to hunt Scandanavian canapes without including rollmops. Whilst their origins are Germanic, they are extremely popular today in Northern Europe. These pickled herring fillets rolled around variants of onion, gherkin and green olive with pimento are probably even more divisive than marmite, so if you’re a newcomer to them make certain to have a tasting first.

wedding canape ideas scandanavian

If you do have vegetarian guests, although Scandanavian food is heavily seafood influenced, you could opt for a Danish blue cheese canape. The option above sees the cheese accompanied by walnut and grape. Danish Blue has a strong flavour, so something sweet like grape / prune complements it well.

wedding canapes sweet chocolate

Finally, if you want to mix something sweet into your canapes (personally – I’ve never understood mixing sweet in with savoury when canapes come before a sit down meal / buffet but this is entirely personal taste), opt for Swedish brownie bites. Brownies may scream of the USA to you, but they love them in the region so just add some Scandanavian interpretation. “Kladdkaka” as they are called have more sugar than a regular brownie and are best enjoyed with cream / chopped almonds on top.

Scandanavian Canapes – you are officially hunted.

Would you consider any of these as part of your wedding? And would you mix savoury with sweet?

IMAGES : All via Google Images


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