HUNTED : { Wedding Flowers – The Toss Bouquet }

HUNTED : { Wedding Flowers – The Toss Bouquet }

It seems grossly unfair. You’ve spent mental energy and physical funds commissioning a bridal bouquet that matches your dress, style and colour theme of the day, only to have a crazed, clamouring gaggle of lady guests demand you throw it to them so they can up their chances of being the next bride. A bride would be well within their rights to stick out their bottom lip, stamp their designer shoe and say no, it’s my wedding, and I’ll hang on limpet-like to my bouquet if I want to.

Luckily, as seems to be the case with all things wedding, there is another way. The unpleasant sounding “toss bouquet” is a secondary bridal bouquet created specifically for the purposes of lobbing at your ladies. You could easily do a DIY job on it – get a few choice blooms, wrap tightly with ribbon, hand to a key member of the wedding team for keeping til the opportune moment, throw. I’ve heard one rather machiavellian (or generous dependent on your outlook) comment that you could leave the ribbon and just throw 10 – 12 loose flowers into the throngs and see what sort of chaos ensues.

Either way, you get to keep your bouquet, and those superstitious sirens amongst your wedding guests get to wish their own wedding closer.

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