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HUNTED: { Wedding Dress – Wedding Dress to Christening Gown }

HUNTED: { Wedding Dress – Wedding Dress to Christening Gown }

Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

In a weddinghunter first, this is a hunt that occurs after the wedding has finished, after you’ve been on honeymoon, and after you’ve crashed back down to earth.

I’ve heard many people ask for help on what to do with their wedding dress once the wedding is over. It’s a good question and a big one. My Mum is currently harrassing me on the same point, as my dress languishes dirty and forlorn in their spare bedroom.

A wedding dress will be for most women the most expensive clothing item they’ll ever buy with the knowledge that they’ll only wear it once. Understandably we attach enormous sentiment to the item and find we can’t bear to part with it after the day, despite having rolls of photographic imagery depicting us in said dress. The classic post-wedding action is as follows: Expensively dry clean. Box. Place in loft. Never look at again.

There are other options. You could sell it, if you could bear the emotional loss. You could do a trash the dress shoot although they’ve always felt a little wasteful of resource to me. Or, you could have it made into a christening gown for future / current offspring. This allows a little piece of the dress to be forever preserved. It potentially becomes complex if you had an outlandish wedding dress, still, doesn’t hurt to contact the suppliers below and see what they can rustle up.

Non-Christians? We’ll just have to think up something more imaginative. Like throwing a wedding dress party with all your married friends where you see if anyone can still do up their dress.

Supplier: Little Doves

Price: On enquiry



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3 thoughts on “HUNTED: { Wedding Dress – Wedding Dress to Christening Gown }

  1. That is such a brilliant idea and a way to turn a wedding gown into an heirloom item. As a couture bridalwear designer I’m not to keen on trash the dress shoots for obvious reasons, so this option is perfect. I only wish you could have shown a picture of the original gown from which the christening gown was converted. Excellent post!

    Posted by Yemi Osunkoya | November 18, 2011, 10:59 am
    • Thanks Yemi – I absolutely agree “Trash the Dress” seems like an enormous waste … agree re: photo of the original, will see if the “Little Doves” team have one!

      Posted by theweddinghunter | November 18, 2011, 11:28 am


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