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HUNTED: {Wedding Jewellery – DIY Jewellery }

DIY Wedding Jewellery Ideas

HUNTED: {Wedding Jewellery – DIY Jewellery }

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, so the bridal tradition dating back to Victorian England goes. It’s pretty straightforward to cross off three of these in one fell swoop – just borrow an old, blue item from your family or friends. But how about something new? Chances are your dress will be new, so with that checked off, why not consider how you could stem the daily financial haemorrhage that is wedding planning?

Some failsafe ways of making savings are by either borrowing more items, or, if you find that unappealing, getting creative and making items. So much of a wedding can be done yourself with a little time, inspiration and perspiration, hence my DIY Style section. If you don’t have natural instincts in this department, you could consider attending creative classes. By way of example, Create Jewellery run classes to develop your jewellery creating skills (their name is a subtle clue as to their mission). You may discover you’re a regular Master Goldsmiths in the making, or at least, save yourself some money and have an item that you feel a personal pride towards on the day.

Supplier: Create Jewellery

Price varies by course. Beginners classes c £100 to include materials.

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